What are the 3 main income-producing activities you should be focused on to create results on Social Media

What is keeping most people from creating results on social media is that they're trying to do all of the things, or they are doing only the things that they feel comfortable doing. You must get consistent with following a formula for those things you do comfortably while also doing the things that make you uncomfortable. Usually the first clue that you're avoiding doing what you need to be doing or that you don't have a plan in place is when you start chasing after shiny pennies.

The idea in your mind that you're not creating results because you don't have a blog, funnels, a coach, a podcast, or email sequences, etc...those are stories you are telling yourself. You can create social media success without any of these, and once you learn the basics of social media marketing and start creating results, then start expanding your skills and investments into other areas. Understand that social media is for you to build your brand, expand your social network, and market your business. It's essential to learn this skill to get your audience to move into your sales process and have them become a customer or join your team. And your sales funnel can be as simple as having a group and a follow up strategy. Once you have this dialed-in, then you start investing in systems. Now let's focus on where you actually build stable growth in your business first.

Creating Content

Learning what to post and how to speak to and engage your audience is a critical skill to build on in Social Media Marketing. You want to create content that is clear and compelling and teaches your audience why you do what you do, and how you solve their problems. Knowing why and what will have them intrigued to learn how. This is what starts the conversations and shows them how you can be of value. You want all of your content to speak to the benefits of your audience and how you serve them. What I recommend as you're starting out is to pick your platform and become super consistent with your content and start testing what resonates. Choose your pillars - the 5 main pain topics you want to cover that will speak to their buying beliefs and create demand for your service.Then plan and schedule your posts, mixing it up with the different features you'll  use on each platform. When will you go live? When will you post? How often will you appear in your stories? I use trello to schedule out my content and you can pick up a Free Copy of my Social Media Guide for Home Business owners in the link below.

Having Conversations

Having friends and followers is great, but it's important to remember that popularity alone will not convert into customers and team. You need to be having conversations to raise the value of your content and deepen your connections, and there are 2 types of conversations you need to have. 

1. Qualifying conversations with your potential customers - Typically connecting with those who are engaging with your content and asking them a few qualifying questions that will lead them to the right solution and through your sales process. This is called prospecting and it's the starting point of guiding your people through the 5 stages of the sales process. If you're not sure what that looks like, check out the video I did on Facebook. Watch the Replay Here

2. Collaboration conversations with potential referral partners - Connecting with other entrepreneurs who share the same business and lifestyle values as you so you can strategically refer business amongst one another but also support one another along the entrepreneurial journey.

Expanding Your Networking

A mistake I see many marketers make is that they are saying too many things to not enough of the right people, instead of driving home their compelling message to a larger group of people who are looking for what they are selling. They do not have enough people, let alone actual leads, funnel-ing into their network on a consistent basis. Expanding your network is about niching down, and then discovering where your ideal customer is hanging out, and finding a way to get in front of the most people possible in a strategic and time leveraged way.

I call this the one to many approach which is a term I learned from  a challenge I did with Russel Brunson. And there are a few ways you can expand your network online. You can run ads on fan pages, run through suggested friends or hang out in groups on Facebook, use hashtags on Instagram, or be featured in interviews. My recommendation is that you choose a main strategy and then go crazy on it, while also building up your organic network. You can learn more about My 3 go to strategies for growing my network to over 15k organically on social media (to date) , and I started out with just 200 friends on Facebook.

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