6 Key Pillars to Creating Success in Your Home Business using Social Media

The key to creating social media success in your home business is having the right strategies and executing the tactics of those strategies consistently over a period of time. It's important also to have the right mindset in place when it comes to building and growing your business, and knowing that in order to achieve anything, you need to have long term vision coupled with action. With Social Media, the recipe for success can be simple to implement, but it's in how you apply the principles that is going to pay off in the long term. So you need to be committed to your own vision and committed to the process. In this guide I'm going to walk you through the 6 fundamental pillars you need to have in place to create success in your home business when it comes to building 100% on Social Media.

Social Media Optimization

The first step you want to take in getting started on social media is setting up your store front. Think of your platforms as the display window. You get one opportunity to make a first impression on someone passing by, to inspire them to walk through your door and check out your shop. Take the time to make sure you set up your social platforms in the same way. You want to make sure that all your images, messaging, and offers are congruent with your brand, the story you want to tell, and the promise you want to deliver to your ideal audience. I recommend creating your images in Canva or having someone create a professional branding package for you. 

Launch Formula for Success

Just like opening up a store front and having a launch party you want to do the same thing when it comes to opening the doors for your online business. You want to condition your audience to know what they can expect to see from you now and in the future so they can understand the reason for you starting your business, what has you excited, and how you can help them. There is an important formula you want to follow in this process that includes making the initial announcement and generating interest to attend your launch, the launch itself, and unveiling of your products and services, and the connecting and follow up process for those who show interest.

Personal Branding Strategy

Once you've officially launched your business and started putting the word out there, you want to continue developing your personal brand and the brand strategy behind your business. Your personal brand is less about your products and your services and more about who you are, your story, your unique perspectives and opinions about the world you operate in, and your bigger vision for how you want to serve people. Your first posts really pack a punch and this is your opportunity to really harness your excitement and build momentum. As you start putting your brand out there, you will learn what resonates with your audience and what doesn't get as much attention, and you'll start to fine tune your brand. I teach my students to first go wide with this and really think of every angle that describes your brand, but then break it down to the 5 most important pillars to create brand categories and then create subcategories of your brand. Then think about the journey you want to take people on, a journey of your transformation that will inspire their own, as you grow and expand in how you help them.

Endless Content that Converts

Now that you've begun your journey and your brand is starting to take flight, you want to have a solid strategy in place for attraction  marketing. There are 2 important elements when it comes to marketing, passive and active. Creating content, aka posting to social media, is passive, and having conversations with qualified prospects is active. It's one thing to post to social media and get likes and comments, but it's another thing to create content that compels a prospect to take action and reach out to you to learn more. This is attraction marketing, and its the goal we should all have in our business. But in the beginning we make up in numbers and activity what we lack in skill, so I recommend having a healthy balance of active and passive marketing while you are testing your content. You never want to just post and pray.

Recruiting and Prospecting

Prospecting and recruiting people into your business is the active piece to your marketing plan. As I said, we make up in numbers what we lack in skill, so you will want to be actively growing your network and connecting with them before you can expect to have people beating down your door. Prospecting itself is all about conversation, and asking qualifying questions to uncover if this person is indeed a lead for your business. Recruiting is the process of asking that person to actually take a look at what you're doing by making them feel valued, lowering their resistance to your opportunity, and finding out if they're open. Now when it comes to prospecting and recruiting, I recommend you follow a formula and guide people through a process...In my experience, people can see through scripts and ill intention. They know when you see a dollar sign on their head. Always lead with their best interest at heart, ask but give them an out, and don't be too attached to the outcome.  >> Check out this free training I did on recruiting <<

Systems and Scheduling

When it comes to a successful ROI, there's hustle, and then there's systems and strategy. I recommend systems and strategy so you can build, grow, and scale a successful business that won't run your life. Personally I'm not a fan of the hamster wheel or the business roller coaster. I like to have freedom every day to enjoy my life, and that's what systems will allow for...flow. But what systems also do for your business is create duplication. And if you're in network marketing, duplication is the name of your teams success. Solid systems create the opportunity for your recruits to plug and play and follow a recipe for success. This is crucial to your success long term and short term.

When you are considering systems you will want to have strategies and tactical formulas in place for:

  • Optimizing your social platforms
  • Successfully launching your business and helping your team launch their business
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Creating endless content that converts
  • Prospecting and Recruiting
  • Systems for selling, daily method of operation, social media planning and scheduling 
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And that is exactly what I cover in The Authentic Influencer Social Media Marketing Academy for Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, and Home Business Owners.

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