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Build Influence. Live authentically. Leverage your time. Simplify. Systemize. Create more choices. Take back your time. Make more money. Create Freedom. Become the best version of you. Have more. Be more. Give more. 

Learn how to build a brand and business around your lifestyle, monetize your assets and social presence, and creating a life you don't need a holiday from. 

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Johanna Hunt 

Creator of Magnetique Marketing 

Hi! I'm Johanna! Like Yo! Hanna. But more elegant. I'm a free spirited, adventurer, and story creator, dancing with infinite intelligence... living life on my own terms and showing you how to do the same. I teach and train Home Business Owners and entrepreneurs how to align, attract and impact to build influence and authority online, so they can have more time freedom to do the things they love to do and create more choices in their life.

I started in traditional Network Marketing in 2012 because I was craving more...more money, more time, more freedom. I left a 15 year careen in Event Marketing & Design to be a stay at home mom. This made our finances challenging, and I needed a way to be home with my children but also contribute financially to our family's needs.

Not having the training I needed to succeed in the online space, I took matters into my own hands, and invested 1000's into my education as a digital creator to reinvent my story using social media.

6 years in, I left my first company in traditional network marketing and the struggle of old school business models to partner with the top 10 leaders in the space, and develop the business model of Social Retail, that allowed me to expand my vision into multiple income streams, and scale a residual 6 figure income, creating both time freedom and financial stability.

I now get to live this beautiful life with my daughters in Vancouver BC, helping women Radically Expand their possibilities through my affiliate programs, courses, membership and by working 1 on 1 with me as their guide. 

I bring with me my education and background in traditional marketing and business, my diverse experience with network marketing and social media branding, and the how to skills of using tools and technology to systemize and automate your business for leverage and scaleability...

With a twist of spirituality and the law of attraction to intuitively guide you back to yourself and empower you to tap into the power you already hold inside of you.

Whether you have a business, you're looking for a turn key opportunity, or you're wanting to expand as a multi passionate entrepreneur to monetize and diversify, and learn what is possible, I am here to hold that space for you to step into your most authentic expression of self in your life and your business.

Because there is nothing more beautiful to me then a woman in her power. A woman standing in her truth. A woman creating powerful change. And women who have more money, have more choices.

Are you ready to be rewarded for the positive impact you have on people?