The Freedom F'Empire

Are you craving soul aligned partnership? Are you wanting to be mentored by Millionaires who have paved the way for you? Do you thrive surrounded by a collective of women empowering and supporting other women?

We’re a collective of entrepreneurs who value physical, energetic, financial, and mental wellbeing. Through innovative products, a supportive leadership community, l, structure and leverage for our growth in all the areas of wellbeing.

This is a place where women support women. A place where women can have it all without having to do it all. Inside a high vibe community where you can build independent wealth with the support of a dynamic team.

A home where you can manifest your most authentic expression of self, and tap into limitless health wealth and freedom. The Freedom F'Empire is the Affiliate Marketers dream...for women!

If you're a woman who is serious about elevating your health, wealth, and freedom...
This is THE all inclusive and supportive container for you.

Freedom F"Empire is a business in a box combining viral luxury products with innovative and highly leveraged strategies. A place you will learn Attraction Marketing Strategies, how to grow a professional brand with a targeted audience, and leverage leadership to enrol and close your dream customers and team.

With Social Retail, our unique affiliate model, we will show you how to launch a profitable business in 90 days or less, with proven systems to crush your goals and design your dream lifestyle.

It's simple. Women with money have more choices.

WHy online entrepreneurs are choosing Social Retail

WHat's Included in our mentorship program

  • Layered Leadership that leads with heart and builds with Smart Online Marketing Strategies

  • The opportunity to grow a business in the global market, and not be limited by location or geographical boundaries. We build in 30 countries
  • Huge Leverage and a System that duplicates 
  • A company that rewards their people generously for their individual strengths. We get paid twice a day! 
  • A Stable Company with exponential growth and is perfectly poised in the market place and launching new products every year in new product categories that don't exist.
  • A product that has Mass Market Appeal and can easily be promoted online without recruiting, sending samples, zoom meetings or presentations, or spamming anyones inbox
  • A product that is not only accessible but affordable, resulting in high re-order rates and customer acquisition, meaning residual income
  • A highly leveraged plug and play system for those who are wanting to recruit and build an organization. You don't have to train anyone.
  • 365 days of content done for you and your teams at no cost to you, and without you having to create all your own images etc.
  • A fully automated follow up system for your prospects and customers that duplicates for your team

Is social retail the same as network marketing or mlm?

You're a fit if...

  • You are open to learning and growing
  • You are hungry for success
  • You are reliable 
  • check
    You are honest and value integrity
  • check
    You like to have fun
  • check
    You turn excuses into motivation
  • You love being loved on but take personal accountability

When you decide to work with us, not only will be you be plugged into my systems for success, but you will gain access to a team of leaders who have over 16 years experience inside this profession and with building online.

This is not just an amazing opportunity for you to grow your business, but to be able to plug your team into these training systems as well to duplicate our success.

AND this gives you an unfair advantage to stand out inside of this profession amongst other home business owners.

Our team moves fast, we teach what works, and we create results. We run as a pack, we’re crazy passionate about what we do and purpose driven to help other entrepreneurs and home business owners create success.

And to top it off, our leadership is tightly connected to the top producers in our profession, giving you access to not only our trainings but those of top income earners inside of network marketing.

So if you’re ready to shine, you want to build online, and you want to surround yourself with an incredible community, than this might just be for you. Life is too short not to win.


Johanna is the kind of leader that you genuinely get excited to work with. Every interaction is easy, and she shares so much value and time. Awesome to work with!

Ghada Vanderpool Digital Marketing Strategist

The key to success is keeping company with people who uplift you...
whose presence calls forth your greatness.