My 3 step formula for developing deeper connections and establishing trust through social media.

Are you struggling to build deeper connections with your audience and establish that know like trust factor with you people. How do you take your content and transform that into a better conversation that can really truly serve, and drive results through building an authentic brand? When you learn to master this skill you will spark conversation with the people who are looking for what you're offering, and you won't need to spend so much time cold market prospecting with people who really aren't your people. So in today's episode I'm breaking down my 3 step formula into categories and steps you need to be taking to create a fantastic experience for your audience and build some great relationships.


One of the biggest struggles my team and my students have when they come to me, is knowing what to post. And typically they're wondering what to post to make sales. Now sales is a step in the process of your prospects becoming customers or clients, but it's not the first step. And this is often the mistake I'm seeing people make, is using social media content to post their sales. There is a reason they call it social media marketing, not social media sales. And there are 5 main types of posts that you want to be sharing when it comes to exposing your business through attraction marketing.

  1. Curiosity Marketing
  2. Story Telling
  3. Social Proof
  4. Educational 
  5. Engagement

This is your first point of connection with your audience typically when they send you a friend request, or you send them one and they are checking you out to see if you're someone they want to connect with. If your feed is full of sales-y spammy posts, there's a good chance they won't connect. Bonus Tip: Want to build trust faster? Use video and voice notes when you're creating your stories and using messenger to connect, and go live at least once a week.

Direct Message

Once you've sparked conversation through your content and you have engagement to work with, start connecting with the people you see often coming up in your notifications. Now the mistake I see most often is when influencers are connecting in their DM's they're shooting off their links, groups, offers, without having any conversation, or pre-qualifying their leads. This person is only a lead until you step back and qualify them with the right questions. This is how you build rapport effectively. Bonus tip: Use vocal notes and verbiage, but not fancy copy and paste scripts. 

  • What piqued your interest?
  • What are you currently doing/using?
  • How is that working for you?
  • What have you tried in the past?
  • What is the goal that you have?

Now you know how you can help them, and you can make them an offer to take the next step and expose them to your offer, product presentation, coaching, program, group, opportunity, etc. This is your invitation. This is where the sales process begins. Once you get this process down, and you start to really fine tune the language that works for you, you can start to systemize and automate some of this into videos, email marketing, messenger bots, etc. But remember, you only systemize what repeats. You do not systemize connection or relationship building.

Follow up and Nurture

If you do a great job at creating valuable content, asking the right questions, and you have great presentation tools and social proof, you will not need to do much to close the sale. I don't believe in hard closes. Done right, most people will close themselves, or close with a few simple questions. What did you like best? One a scale of 1-10 are you ready to get started? If they aren't ready,  find out what else they need to know, and set another follow up time. And then nurture the relationship. I still stay connected whether that person signs up or not. You never know where a conversation can lead you. It can bring great friendships, new referral connections, business opportunities down the road, and maybe you'll have another offer at some point that will be the right fit for this person. I recommend you find a way to track these conversations, whether its in a notebook, app, crm, or email marketing system. Find something that works for you and stick with it.

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Final words

Don't get overwhelmed by the technology or let social media go to your head. You can create large scale success on any platform using simple strategies, as long as you learn the skills, and remember that although the tools we use change, the principles of marketing and business building do not. If we took all of this away, we would still be able to expand our networks, connect and build relationships, provide value, and serve our network. But using social media is going to keep you relevant in the market place, and it's going to help you be more visible in less time to the right people...if you do it right.

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Would you like to see how I use simple systems to generate new leads for my business, nurture relationships, follow up, and automate my sales process? Check out this video

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