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Would you love to grow your audience and organically generate more qualified leads for your home business? Obviously! That's why I put together this mini course to help you create content that converts into hot leads, sales, and sign ups. This video and workbook is available for just $11 and can quickly help you create a posting strategy that will drive results using Social Media. This is the exact blueprint I've used to build my brand and business, and help my students and team duplicate my results.


Be honest...Are you procrastinating with building your Social Media Business because you don't know what to post and you're afraid of being that dreaded salesy social media friend with no friends left?

I can totally relate because that used to be me. I was being taught how to sell in my Network Marketing Business, but I wasn't being taught how to Market. And there is a huge difference. One gets people to unfollow and the other one gets people to reach out to you for more information. What would you prefer?

There is a magic formula for creating content that converts. It's determined by your niche, your offer, your message, your visibility, and your credibility. Position yourself as the go to by implementing a solid social media content strategy...and trust me, this doesn't need to be over complicated.

I know you have a great product and you want to help people get results. And I want to help you help people with your offer. This is how I've been able to create social media success, and help 100's of people in our profession do the same thing. Learn how to attract your ideal customers and team right now, and snag this workbook for just $11 while this offer is available.

What's included in this Social Media Content Visibility

Video &Workbook:

  • Steps to map out your vision and goals
  • The exact blueprint to craft your brand story
  • Outline your offer and define your message for your ideal audience with specific marketing examples
  • Define your niche and learn how to get your offer infront of more people in less time
  • Create content that inspires educates and entertains, but also overcomes objections so your prospects close themselves
  • A weekly posting schedule to get you on the right track and take the guess work out of it for you.

What Others Say About This Course


A social side hustle is so different than what Jane has been used to climbing her way up the ladder of Corporate America

"I was searching, but for what? I was searching for someone to show me the possibilities. To provide me with real, practical business sense. That's how I found Johanna Hunt. I was so unsure of how to navigate the on-line business space. But immediately,  Johanna provided me with tools and tricks that were so easy to understand. Plus I got results right away! As a new on-line entrepreneur,  I could not ask for a better coach and mentor."

Jane Dildine (Social Retail, USA)


Sue wasn't sure this business was for her, but she took a leap of faith...

"Johannas training has brought me more than just industry knowledge and know-how. The way she conducts and teaches business, and who she is in general, have helped me to become a better human in addition to how to better serve my target market and grow my business online."

Sue Chandler (Social Marketer, CA)


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