15 ideas for creating value driven social media content that converts.

The questions I get asked the most by my team and my audience is "what inspires my content and how do I create consistency to show up every day and bring value to social media"? Well first of all, let me just tell you, that anything you haven't done before is going to feel a bit awkward as you're getting started. You might feel like you aren't good at it..but that's just because it's not a muscle you've worked.

Creating content is all about creating a habit and getting into a flow. The best way to do that is to be in activity in your business and in your life, and take people on your journey. Don't spend all your time just sitting at your screen waiting for the inspiration to come to you. Go out and find it! And here are some of my best tips to get you started in the right direction. Inside this weeks article, I am giving you 1 full week of content to post 2 times per day. My challenge for you is to take these ideas and put them into action!

"People do not decide their futures,

they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures. "​​​

Things to avoid when creating content for your audience on Social Media

  • Using your company name
  • Sharing terms regarding rank advancement levels or commissions that people won't understand
  • Join my team (or using the words my and I..remember its not all about you)
  • Salesy spammy posts, "order going in", promotions
  • Condescending posts about 9-5, or using the j.o.b. term (just over broke). It's not cool to put people down.
  • Making it all about you and how awesome you are.
  • Ask yourself, would i be inspired by this? how would i feel if i read this post

What is compelling content?

People make decisions emotionally, and then rationalize their decisions later. They are not moved by facts, they're moved by connection. You don't need to have arrived to lead, but you do need to know where you're going. So if you want to build an audience that will take action, inspire and educate them to think differently. Become a professional story teller and don't be afraid to challenge and shift their perspective. And remember that most people in this world want to feel connected, and to feel like they're part of something.. so make authentic connection your focus when you create your content. How are you making them feel?

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15 Ideas for Creating Content on Social Media.

  1. Funny graphics and memes to entertain your audience
  2. Share resources from other popular sources and publications 
  3. Quotes and inspiration posts
  4. Value driven content you created related to your niche ( I recommend a video or blog post - can be re-used)
  5. Time relevant holiday posts (mental health month, women's international, veterans/remembrance day)
  6. Curiosity posts about your business
  7. Direct post about your business (follow the 80/20 rule, 80% value and 20% direct promotion)
  8. Before and Afters
  9. Testimonials from Clients and Team
  10. Quick tip related to your niche
  11. Story about your team members or clients (shout outs)
  12. Aha moments
  13. Viral videos/shareable content
  14. Engaging content (ask questions)
  15. Lifestyle posts to build like-ability, trust and relate-ability

I dive deeper into each one of these ideas in the video and give you some examples and why these are affective.

Mix up your content

  • Video: Yup its time for Video. It is the most effective and you don’t want to get left behind. Think about doing a Live Video once a week to offer value. Save it to your phone and then upload it to youtube. Then repurpose it into a blog post. You can even use snippets of it in your IG or Snapchat Stories.
  • Text statuses: Posts that ask questions, ask for feedback, and inspire engagement.
  • Graphics: Create custom graphics on Canva. Make sure you create branded templates with your logo or name on it.
  • Quotes: Whether they are inspirational, motivational, or spark a sense of humour, these are the kind of posts people share, which leads their audience back to you. I like to make these in graphics in Canva.
  • Shared content: Share created by others that complements your business. You want to share the love around, and you must do first for others what you would like others to do for you. Have an abundance mindset when it comes to business, and what goes around will come around.

Repurpose your Content

Repurpose your content. Your audience will constantly evolve and grow, and those new people need to see your previous content. So recycle and reuse. For example, you can use an engaging post, and the comments in that post as the title of your next video. You can take a quote or meme, and turn it into a text status. Take a portion of one of your videos and turn it into a post or a short story. Repurpose your videos into blog posts.  Mix it up, have fun, and always lead with value!

How to consistently create content for Social Media on a weekly basis

social media

  • Schedule 10 posts about your brand (Posts that share with your audience who you are)
  • Schedule 4 curiosity posts regarding your business
  • Schedule 1 direct post with a call to action
  • Use a calendar and scheduler to keep track ( I use Buffer)
  • Rotate and repurpose your content
  • Be visible and be omnipresent

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