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Algorithm. A word we all know, but few of us really understand what it actually means or how it works. This is where the skill of marketing comes in for us social marketers, and although we don’t need to be experts on the subject, we do need to have a solid understanding of how to make it work in our favour. So today, that’s what I’m going to teach you!

Firing up your algorithm is what is going to increase engagement on your posts and bring your brand to life, The name of the game is visibility, and in order to be visible, there’s a few things you need to be doing daily to scale your business. 

Facebook Algorithms 101: Creating Content that drives engagements

Now don’t get all freaked out and start thinking, but Johanna, I’m not creative! Well you don’t have to be. There are plenty of formulas you can follow and what you want to focus on in content creation is story tell, providing value and connecting with people’s feelings - just like you would if you were in real time.

The purpose of creating content is to display your personal brand, build trust with your audience, create curiosity about your business, generate new leads for your business, and develop relationships with your prospects. You don’t have to be an experienced copywriter, but instead focus on being a good storyteller. With practice, your skills will improve.

Create at least 1 piece of valuable content every single day. This can be inspiring, educational, funny, empowering, or engaging. Ask yourself with everything you post, is this something I would want to read? 

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Facebook Algorithm

Engagement is a must for Facebook Algorithm Optimization

The golden rules certainly applies when it comes to social media. It’s a platform designed to be social, not just a soap box used to blast out our message. Take time each day to engage with your audience. Set an alarm and scroll through your feed for 20 minutes and pay attention to what your audience is posting. Like, comment, and connect with your tribe. Be an active member of communities and have conversations with people you want to build relationships with.

Bonus tip: When someone comments on your posts, be sure you are responding with sincere comments and always tag the person so you send your post back into the newsfeed.

Why Connection is important for Facebook Algorithms

Most people don’t realize the importance of using messenger to connect. This is where the the connection happens. This is also where you qualify people if they are a good fit for your product or service, and a place where you can ask people to take the next step with you. But connecting in messenger with those key people also supports your algorithm. When you connect with people, they will see more of you in their newsfeed. Remember, Facebook rewards connection and being social. So make sure you’re wishing people happy birthday, create lists of people you want to stay most connected with, and connect personally with the people who are engaging on your content.

Facebook Algorithm

Expert Algorithm tips to position yourself as a the go-to person in your niche

  • Make sure you have a recognizable and professional photo of yourself on every platform. Keep it consistent so people know it’s you. 
  • Utilize your banner image to share your message. Not what you sell, but what you stand for.
  • Create a welcome video for your Fanpage and pin it to the top of the page so it’s the first thing your new viewers see when they visit your business. You can view mine here
  • Use stories to share your behind the scenes rather then posting multiple times on your wall. You can connect your Instagram stories to your Facebook stories. I have mine connected to my fan page, and I’ve seen a huge increase to my organic reach.
  • Use live video at least once a week at the same time to increase organic reach, but to also build trust and rapport and let people see the real you. You have no idea what this will do for your business.
  • Always use the 80/20 rule when it comes to your content. 80% value, 20% promotional with a call to action. So if you post twice a day each week, you can post 4 curiosity posts/ stories about your business, and 1 direct promotional post.

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Facebook Algorithm

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