My 7 Step Formula to launch your home business successfully online

I see people launch a home business  on social media almost daily, but far too often, they’re not getting the results they want. Usually it has nothing to do with who they are, or that no one is interested in what they’re offering, but they are simply focusing on the wrong things. People need to be able to trust you, relate to you, and understand how you can help them in order for them to be interested. You are not launching to connect your business to their pocket book, but to connect their head to their heart. Why you do what you do is far more important than what you do, and people want to hear your story first.

I recently officially launched my new home business on Facebook, and I was nervous! Yes that seems strange since I make live videos all the time, but being vulnerable and talking about ourselves is a whole different ball game. But I learned from the first launch I did back in 2012 in my first company that people listen to stories, not facts. We need to grab their attention and start a conversation in order for us to get to a place where we can ask questions, qualify, and have people join us.

Should you launch your business to  your warm market?

Now, many people feel resistance to launching their business to their personal network, and I can totally understand this because I was one of those people. But if you approach your launch the right way, your warm network will be open to receiving your message and this can help propel your business into momentum. People support and buy from people they know, like, and trust, so if you have good rapport with your network, and you do it the right way, you will see results from this process.

I’m going to share with you hear my success formula for launching your business so you can create curiosity, peak interest, and get people reaching out to you to learn more. This 7 step formula is going to help you launch or relaunch your business with a bigger impact!

Launch Video Part 1: The opening

When starting with a facebook live,  you want to get right into the content, because you only have so much time to keep your audiences attention. Start with introducing yourself, share what inspired or compelled you to host this live, and your topic for your broadcast. Invite people to say hello and engage with you, and share a few personal details before you get right into your story.

Launch Video Part 2: The Back Story

There is always a back story. It can date back months or years, but it’s the story that lead from where you we’re to where you are today. This includes your upbringing, an old way of thinking, a significant event, your education, your career, who you met along the way that led you to a shift in thinking. 

Launch Video Part 3: The Journey to get to your current decision

There is always a journey. In life we have to try different things, we have ebbs and flows, and we change course. Usually we stay in the same situation for a long enough period of time to where we become uncomfortable enough to realize it’s time to move on. This journey includes sharing what you experienced, how you felt during this time, what you wished was different, and how this journey led you to start to seek a better solution.

Launch video Part 4: The Shift

When we want something bad enough, we are willing to do whatever it takes. A shift happens inside of us where our desire becomes greater than our fear, and we take the action we need to make that change. This may include multiple shifts in our thinking or in our action. It’s where we grow and discover that there are new possibilities we never new existed.

Launch Video Part 5: The Decision

This is where we finally take that leap of faith and we do something different to change our situation. This is our big move. It’s important to not just describe what our decision was, but share  3-5 points about why this was the best decision for you, and also for your audience.

This is where you get to share how you can help others make a transformation with your products or service, and to show them that your business is not just about you, but it’s about how you can serve others. It’s important to focus on the benefits and not get too into the facts about your companies policies or what you offer specifically. Remember, we are creating curiosity and getting people to raise their hand to learn more.

Launch Video Part 6: The Invitation

This is where you share you powerful message to inspire people, give them something to take away, and then invite them to connect and take a closer look. Here you want to share your passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for your new business and leave people wanting to know more. A business has a 90 day cycle average, so not everyone who tunes in will be ready to jump in, but this is where you are planting a strong seed that you can water until it’s ready to grow.

It’s important in your invitation to be authentic, and let your audience know why what you have to offer could be a good fit for them. This will help them relate to you, your products and your opportunity. Be straight up, but keep it light.

Launch Video Part 7: The Close

Leave your audience with a powerful close, something that will get inside their head and make them think about why they should reach out to you. Offer them a sincere and heartfelt thank you for tuning into your broadcast and let them know how much their support means to you. And remember, not everyone is going to subscribe to what you're doing and that is ok. You're not here for everyone.

One day the people that didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

Johnny Depp

My Launch Video to my warm market

When I decided it was time to officially launch my business online, I sucked it up and got vulnerable and real with my people.  This is a public post to a combination of friends, colleagues, people who've followed my journey, and people I barely know. The point of following this formula is to make sure you touch on all aspects of your business, so you can cast a wide net, but being who you are so you can target and attract the right people at the same time. 

Bonus Expert Tips for your Live Launch

  • Ask your Audience to leave comments and encourage them to participate in the conversation by asking questions
  • Share stories and examples
  • Connect with your viewers after the broadcast to continue the conversation

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