The leads process I used to rank advanced twice in my new company in the first 30 days

When you're generating leads to build a business in Network Marketing, it's important for you to embrace and marry the process, and divorce yourself from the outcome. Expect the best, but focus on what you have control of - the activity! In today's article I'm going to share with you the activity I do each day and how with consistency was able to rank advance twice in the same day. 

There is definitely a formula for success in Network Marketing, and when all the components are aligned, you will be unstoppable. 

Create a piece of content to to attract new leads

You want to be bringing value to your community on social media every single day. Creating content is a passive form of attraction marketing. It’s a bit like throwing a fishing line out into the deep ocean and not knowing exactly how many fish you will attract. That’s why you want to mix up your bait a bit and try using a variety of content that pertains to your brand. I like to use a at least 5 topics about my brand, and then mix it up between live video, image posts, lifestyle, and sharing success stories about my business.

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Connect with your leads

When people engage with your content, they are showing interest in the topic and in you. They are contributing to the relationship and the conversation. So you want to make sure you always carve out time in your day to engage with people who engage. When they like or comment on your content, reply to their comments, but take it one more step by connecting with them inside of messenger. Thank them for their support, ask what they liked best about it, and keep the conversation going. And never give them details about your business on the post. Always take the conversation into messenger and make it personal!

Qualify your leads

Take time to get to know your leads needs by asking open ended questions about them. To keep it simple, use the acronym F.O.R.M - family, occupation, recreation, and motivation. It helps to visit their timeline and see what they post about so you can get an idea of what’s important to them, and this will help guide your questions.

Invite your leads to learn more

If you recognize a need or talent during your conversation with your lead, invite them to take a closer look at what you’re doing. Don’t give them a bunch of information, and keep it clean and simple. For example: “I may have a solution to your problem, are you open to taking a look?” Often the reason people get freaked out is because you say too much, and you give it all away before they’ve had a moment to be curious. When you talk too much, you are push selling. When you ask questions and raise curiosity, you are pull selling.

Expose your leads to your products and/or opportunity

Exposure is key when it comes to pulling your leads into your business. Most people will need multiple exposures before they are ready to say yes to you, you product or service. There are many ways to expose your potential partners and clients, but the most duplicatetable way is to plug them into a tool. Because 80% of people in network marketing build this alongside a full time job, they don’t have time to deliver a presentation to the amount of people who need to be exposed to your business. If you came here to make multiple figures, you need to get in front of a lot of people, and thanks to social media and technology, that is now possible in a much shorter period of time. Best forms of delivering a presentation are with video, inside of private groups, and through group chats.

Our team builds our business 100% using Facebook’s tools and features. We have our groups set up in a way that allows us to give social proof to our audience that our business and products work, to show how we work as a community, to demonstrate our leadership and in a way that anyone can jump in and rock it in our company. It also allows our prospects to take a closer look without feeling pressured and it puts the ball in their court. That is the magic of a having a system where your business is far greater than just you, and people can see beyond your vision, but the vision of a community and the power of a team. When you set your business up for everyone to win, you have more people succeeding, and less people quitting.



Follow up with your leads

When you are asking your lead to take a closer look at your products or opportunity, you want to make sure you follow up with them to see what they liked best about it. If you don’t follow up, you’ll never know how to get them to the next step, and most people don’t buy because no one followed up. My recommendation is to set a follow up time before you share the tool, or when you plug them into it. Let them know that you’re excited for them to review the info, you know they’ll have a ton of questions, and you want to be available to help them while it’s fresh in their mind. You need to know where their head is at so you can know what your next step is in the process.


Close the process for your leads

Now I get that this can be the most scary part of the process for most people, but it’s also the most important. People don’t know what they don’t know, and they need someone to help guide them. That is our job as marketers, to help guide people to a decision. Not push them, but guide them. Telling someone they should do something is pushing, but asking someone if they are ready to get started is guiding them to a decision. If you’re afraid to hear the word no, remember that no is simply the answer to a question. You must get comfortable with the process if you want to see your business soar. Need help with closing? Here's a video I made to help you keep closing simple.

The stuff you do when no one is watching has the biggest impact on your success

There are principles you need to work on in your business consistently to develop the kind of discipline required to have multiple six and seven figure success. Personal Development is a part of my daily plan, and it’s key to starting your day. I use the Five Minute Journal to practice gratitude, affirmation, and intention each morning and evening. This is for my spiritual health and helps my mindset. I also watch one training or read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day to improve my skill set.

Once I’ve got my head in the right frame of mind, I create my content and focus on planting seeds and building relationships. I’ll let you in on a secret, I am actually an introvert most of the time despite what most people think. But I know the importance of being visible when building an online business, so I don’t act because I’m outgoing, I act because this is my job. I act because I know the importance of consistency and discipline in building a business. Your paycheque is a direct result of your daily habits and activity. No I don’t always feel like it, but the job is not going to do itself. 

Lets Recap on the life cycle of a lead

  • Create 1 new piece of content
  • Connect with your leads
  • Qualify your leads
  • Invite your leads to take a closer look
  • Expose your leads to your product or opportunity 
  • Follow up with your leads
  • Close the process for your leads

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