How to get started in your Network Marketing Business

You've just gotten started in your Network Marketing business, you haven't sold a single product, sponsored a single person or made a do you create a vision of success if you haven't had any yet? For a lot of people they let their lack of experience keep them stuck from the moment they start to when they quit. But it doesn't have to be that way, and in today's article I'm going to teach you how to create success without having to 'fake it till you make it'.

Network Marketing

Cast a Vision for your Network Marketing Business

In order to cast a vision, you must first create it, and have a clear road map of where it is you're going. Once you have created a vision for yourself and how you can serve others through your business, you can start casting that vision for people you meet along the journey of your business. There are people who are eager to join a tribe and a leader who knows where they are going, so be that leader and demonstrate to people that you are a visionary.

Create a success story about your Network Marketing Business

If you came into the business because of your love for the products your company makes, then you likely already have a success story of your transformation. However, if you came into it for the business opportunity, you may not have a success story of the products or the business. The quickest way to start building trust and getting the word out there about your products is this:

  • Get your hands on the product as soon as possible and capture a before and after of the results
  • Start casting the vision to the people who you would like to have on your Dream Team
  • Share the success stories of other clients from within your team
  • Use Facebook Groups and testimonials to show social proof
  • Introduce your prospect to your upline and edify them through their story

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Network Marketing

Edify your leadership inside your Network Marketing Business

Edifying and using your upline's success story is so important for many reasons. One is that is shows that we are never alone in this business and we have excellent support. Even if you're just getting started, you can successfully sponsor new partners! But also it shows another perspective and works as 3rd party validation, which is important in all forms of marketing. There are a few ways you can do this: 

  • Invite your prospect to a meeting ( personally we don't do meetings because we build 100% online )
  • Jump on a 3 way call so your prospect can meet your business partner and ask questions
  • Use the Group Chat feature on Facebook to connect and edify your leader to your new business prospect.

This is why it is so important to carefully consider who you are working with, because it can really impact the speed of your success in your home business. 

Focus on Connecting and Inviting people to take a look at your Network Marketing Business

You've started your new network marketing business and now what? You probably think you have to start learning everything about the ingredients, the products, and the compensation plan. I'm guessing you've been studying the website, the company info, and the pricing. But you've forgotten the most important thing! This is a word of mouth business. Before you got started, you were naturally sharing what you loved about the product without giving a lot of details, and you probably just sent your friend to the website to learn more. Well, nothing changes about this when you become a social marketer! This is why it's so important for your team and company to have a simple system for your prospects to plug into so that people can get the information without you having to "sell it" to them. 

Your job as a social marketer is to simply share, connect, and invite people to take a closer look. From there you implement the tools you we're given by your company and mentorship to do the presentation of a product or service for you. Once you've planted the seed, your job is to nurture the relationship and follow up. This business is all about finding needs, solving them and moving your prospects from 1 step to the next.

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Network Marketing

Share success stories from other leaders in your Network Marketing Company

Creating curiosity online is all about sharing success stories! These can be your own or stories of the people you are working with. It's important to be authentic and to be vulnerable when you share your story. Allow people to connect with you and relate to you. Be consistent, and for 80% of the time you spend on Social Media you want to provide value. The other 20% of the time you want to create curiosity about your product or service using stories and testimonials! Here's a posting schedule you can use for each platform... but I recommend if you're new, to start by learning 1 platform really well before branching out.

  • Schedule 10 posts about your brand (these are the 5 dimensions you decided on)
  • Schedule 4 nonchalant posts about your business
  • Schedule 1 direct post with a call to action
  • Use a calendar and scheduler to keep track

I recommend using a scheduler so you can sit down at the start of each week, or each month, and make sure your presence is consistent. I use buffer for this because it allows me to schedule to multiple platforms at the same time, and allows for me to schedule inside of groups as well. 

Earn while you learn about building your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing

So what kind of value can you offer if you're just getting started and you don't feel like you know enough? Follow this formula, even if it takes you a little bit longer in the beginning. You want to take 30 minutes to learn something new. This can be a new skillset or a mindset. Then you want to turn around and implement what you learned. Once you start to see some results from your new strategy, turn around and teach this to your audience. This can be your experience with a new product, a business training, a social media skill, or anything pertaining to what you feel is important to your audience. We call this LIT: Learn, Implement, and Teach.

To do this successfully, you need to be committed and be consistent. Show up every single day and be a person of value. In the beginning you'll need to hustle to create your success story, and as Jim Rohn says ' Make up in numbers what you lack in skill".

Recap: The Rules for getting started in your Network Marketing Business 

  1. Create and cast your vision
  2. Be authentic, relatable and share your story
  3. Create a success story for yourself as quickly as possible and in the mean time share the success stories within your company
  4. Edify your leadership and use the tools provided to you by your company and mentorship
  5. Focus on connecting and inviting your prospects to take a look
  6. Build trust by strengthening your personal brand, LIT,  become a person of influence
  7. Be committed, consistent, hustle, and make up in numbers what you lack in skill
Network Marketing

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