How to Create Posture in Your Business

Set Your Own Standards & be choosy in Network Marketing

One of the secrets to having success in Network Marketing is holding yourself to a high standard and positioning yourself as the go to expert...even if you are just getting started! You may have been told the best copy cat wins, or that you need to dumb it down in order to be duplicatable, but this simply isn't true when it comes to online strategies. You need to brand YOU, but use a system to duplicate your team. This is similar to the old school methods of "belly to belly", in that you design your story and you build relationships, but you can't script out your entire business. Get clear on the message you want to put out to the world, how you can educate and inspire your following, and you will grow a large following and team with Social Media . Decide what it is you're looking for,  the kind of people you want to work with, and then commit to the process. 

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Leaders are looking for people who know where they're going and they are looking to partner with people who they can trust to bring them to the top of the company.  So before you start any business, do your research - from the products and the comp plan,  to the reputation of the brand, but mostly to the reputation and leadership of the person who you are joining. Do they have a system for success, are they someone with high integrity, and are they someone you like and whom you can trust?

Yes the start up investment in Network Marketing is small compared to most franchise opportunities, but the time investment requires your dedication in order for you to find success, so don’t start something you're not willing to finish.  You have to be all in, in it to win it, and if you're thinking you'll just play with it and see where it goes, then you are setting yourself up to fail. 

Have a clear vision of who you want to work with in your network marketing business.

You need to know who you want to work with. You need to have a clear vision of their attributes - success driven, fun, positive, large circle of influence, visionary. A lot of people are looking for the wrong people and wasting their time. They are reaching only for the low lying fruit, the people who they are comfortable asking and who will likely say yes, but do nothing. For instance, a lot of people think that this business is for stay at home moms, but here’s a fact, not all stay at home moms are motivated to start a business or feel like this is important to them. Don’t focus on chasing after stereotypes, focus on connecting with like minded people who want more and who are looking for something. When you can identify a person's why, you can offer them a solution that they'll be willing to take a look at. 

Interview your network marketing prospects

Remember that when you’re looking for someone to work with, they will reflect you and your business so make sure you are choosing people who will respect and live up to the standards you’ve set out and the reputation you’re wanting to build. I learned this early on in my business with a business partner who really didn’t have other people’s best interests at heart, and it was very apparent. Many times I mentioned my home business, her name came up and the story about how she made people feel, and it took me a lot more time to build back the trust, relationships, and eventually bring those people into my business world. As a leader it's important for us to give to our organization and our industry, but be mindful of those people who will only suck your energy. They are the people who call you to complain, tell you they're stuck, but are not coachable when you try to help them. Eliminate these kind of people from the start by interviewing them as much as they interview you. I see it as a gift I’m giving when I take time from my life to invest in someone else, so be careful who you invest your time in.

Don’t expect everyone to be your perfect business partner

When you’re focused on everyone saying yes, first of all you’re going to find yourself very disappointed, and you’re going to think that there must be something wrong with you. When you have an expectation of the outcome, you’re focused on the wrong thing. Focus on the connecting, relationship building, and on sharing the information so that the person you’re connecting with can make an informed decision about whether or not this is right for them. Yes network marketing is very duplicatable, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes, pure and simple. Not everyone has a vision for their life, or can break beyond the barriers of their own limitations. You can only paint so much of a vision for someone until they just need to see it for themselves. Nurture the relationship, focus on being of service, inspire and educate, and then let the law of attraction take it's course. 


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