So you want to build an awesome business on Facebook. Now what?

Ok, so I know you’re excited about starting your new online business, and I know you have the opportunity of a life time and you are dying to share it with everyone you talk to. Why wouldn’t you? Im sure your product or service has completely changed your life and that’s why you're so excited and so passionate, that you are breaking out of your comfort zone to start a home business. Good for you, congratulations!

Social Media Mindset

Now most of us come into the home business/ network marketing industry because we want to change our lives, am I right? But what if right from the start, we had a simple shift in our mindset, and asked ourselves, ‘How can what I am offering change someone else’s life?’ This is the most important question you can ask yourself in your business, because growing a business is not about you, its about how you can serve others. And then you need to ask yourself, “How can I create value and curiosity in what I’m doing, so others will want to learn more about my product or service.” Because lets face it you guys, from your audiences point of view, you are just another person who has joined “one of those things”, and is using face book to sell your stuff to their friends and family. They don’t get it, and that’s why you need to make it an amazing experience for them. This is your business, this is now your life’s purpose. Creating value and serving others.

So how can you get them to understand why you’re so excited about what you do?

Branding yourself vs Branding your company on Social Media

Lesson number 1 and the most important lesson. People do not buy your product or your company, they buy you! They buy the lifestyle that you’ve created, and they buy your culture, how you make them feel, and how you do business. So always do business the way you would want someone to do business with you. You want your audience to not just like you, you want them to fall in love with you! 

Network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business!

Network marketing can be a very personal, touchy feely kind of business, unlike any other, but remember, its still a business and you need to be professional and treat it like you would any other business. Here is a great video I created to help you set up and optimize your social media presence for business. 

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media

I recommend you brand yourself and you use your name as your brand to get started. Don’t include your companies name, because if someone has had a negative experience with another consultant in your company,  or within the profession, it could have a negative impact on people following and taking your recommendations. Use a professional photo for your profile and an inspirational image for your banner. You can even use the features albums area to drive traffic to your offer, and use photo albums to feature your best work or your testimonials and success stories.

But branding yourself goes beyond the technical part of setting up your business and the skillset required to have a social media presence, and into the mindset of how you share your message and your ideas through creative and compelling content that gets your audience to take action because of your influence. Learn how to create influence through compelling content here.

How to Create Curiosity on Social Media

Curiosity around your product and business is like the preview to a movie. It doesn't include a link or a call to action, it simply tells a short and concise story with a result that gets you desiring to learn more. A great curiosity post has the components of sharing a problem and pain, and gratitude for a solution. Your images should include lifestyle based photos, but they should not include logos or branded images. Lifestyle photos are great too. When I traveled the mediterranean with my girls for 3 months, you can imagine there was a lot of curiosity created around my ability to travel full time as a single mom.

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Creating Content for Social Media

Here are some ideas for posting on social media that you may find helpful to keep the balance and create amazing value for your potential clients. I found when I was getting started that having a theme for each day of the week helped me stay on track and stay consistent.

  • Motivation Monday - Motivating quotes or articles about health, business success, travel - whatever you think your audience will like. This is about them, but by also posting things that you enjoy, you will attract like minds to you, so always choose to be you and your authentic self. Never copy someone else's status and try to pull it off as your own. Its just not cool and its not you.
  • Tip Tuesday or Transformation Tuesday - share some before and afters, share a story about then vs now in your life or business, give tips based on your industry or products.
  • Wellness Wednesday - A goody if you’re in wellness. Again tips are always appreciated, you can share a product that solves a problem, or give some advice based on your own experiences.
  • Throw back Thursday - network marketing is all about your transformation. First you transform your own life and then you help transform the lives of others. Showcase your transformations - mental, physical, emotional.
  • Friday give away or share your product and service day. Again avoid sales posts and asking for the sale on social media. Just create curiosity around your product or service that will engage people. Finish your post with a question to get the conversation started.

Lastly, be consistent and be patient when growing a business on social media. Successful people make their minds up quickly and change them slowly. Practice this. Also pay attention! What posts do people like or comment on? That means they LIKE IT! So create more of the content they like! But be sure you are posting daily, and create an average of 3 posts per day to share on your business page so that you get Facebook algorithms working for you and that more people will see you and the value you are offering.

  • Find people to talk to who have similar interests and personality traits to leaders in your profession.
  • Actively reach out to those people and start the conversation. Download my Free Prospecting Guide
  • Find the need or pain point - Predict their desires
  • Exhibit confidence in your communication and then use a tool to share the information
  • Follow up and Close

Recommended Resources for building your brand on social media

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