How should you be using Instagram to bring in leads for your business?

Would you like to be more affective with your time on Instagram? It's a great platform when it's used properly and it can be very profitable for you and your business. Today I'm going to share with you a few insider tips about how I use the platform to bring in new leads for my business, create connections, & build trust..which ultimately leads to business growth month after month.

Instagram 101: Make your gallery appealing

If you want followers and engagement, resist posting a bunch of pictures of products or selfies. I know it's easy, but it's just not affective anymore. With the amount of people who are now building an online business and trying to make it happen online, you need to figure out a way to stand out. You need to have an esthetically appealing brand. This is a visual platform, so you want to have a well laid out gallery with nice images and a strong message. 


Instagram 101: Engage with your followers

The first thing I do before I post anything on Instagram is boost my engagement by engaging with my followers. Start with the people who are already following you, they have shown interest for a reason and you have already warmed them up to your content. I like to use the golden rule here, do unto others as you'd like for them to do to you. Which means go visit their profile, check out some of their pics and give them some love. Leave a meaningful comment to get their attention, and once you've had some engagement back, shoot them a DM. I personally do not respond to automated DMs and I have found that most people consider them spam so it's not the best use of a resource. But if you've had a little back and forth on their gallery they will be more likely to respond to your message. Not sure what to say to get the conversation started or to peak someones interest?

Instagram 101: Find Followers

The best way to find followers on Instagram is by using hashtags and searching keywords of interest. These can be based on location, hobby, titles, people. I personally like to look at some of my favourite galleries and interests and than see who is following those accounts, so I know I am meeting like minded people. Chances are if they are following who I am following, we already have a common ground to discuss. When using hashtags, remember that the tags you use are who you will attract. So it's better to not use the name of your company or business, unless you want to attract other people from your company or current customers. Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding your target market. And last but not least, don't buy followers. Followers who are not targeted only hurt your engagement. Unless of course you want to use Ads, that's a whole different story.

Instagram 101: Use Stories

If you're not using stories on a daily basis, start now. This is far more affective than just posting in your gallery multiple times a day. Not only do you want to create stories, but watch your followers stories and leave a thoughtful comment to get a conversation started. 

  • Create quick videos to give a tip, share a though, be funny, or make an announcement.
  • Share you behind the scenes or your daily routine.
  • Share when you have a new piece of content.
  • Create a poll and gather interest on various topics so you can start conversations with those hot leads.
  • Engage on your followers stories.

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