Cold Marketing Prospecting: How to recruit without being spammy.

How quickly should you start prospecting a cold market? My advice is immediately. The truth is, most people are hesitant to join a network marketing business because they do not want to chase after friends and family and be that person. In my last company I was taught to make a list of 100 people and to reach out to them and ask for favours. I was extremely uncomfortable with this, and to be honest, I do believe it damaged some of my relationships. You cannot build a business of any kind off the backs of your friends and family. But that doesn't mean that you won't have friends and family who will want to buy from you, so don't close yourself off from your warm market completely. There is a right way and wrong way to approach them, and I only teach things I've tested that work and that feel good. And why wouldn't you want to share what you're doing with everyone if you believe in it.

Cold Market Prospecting: Your Warm Market

When should you approach your warm market? When you're not attached to the outcome. If they say no, will you let it damage the relationship or will you feel let down?  The bottom line is, they're either open or they aren't. And you don't want to drag people along who aren't open. You will have to convince them from beginning to end and it will be painful for both of you. Some of your warm market will want to jump in and support you and some will need to see you create success before they're ready to take a look. It's often easier to approach a cold market because they don't know your history...and if you have a questionable history, this can be a good thing for you. Eric Worre always says, in network marketing you are either punished or rewarded for the life you lead before Network Marketing. So ask yourself the hard questions: If I approached me, would I join me? Am I someone I want to follow?

Cold Market Prospecting: Approaching a cold market

When you're recruiting online, it's important for you to know your worth. When you know what you stand for, your message, your will easily be able to know who to look for. You'll know the kind of people to search based on similar interests and personality traits. The law of attraction works really well online, but this can be a good or bad thing based on how you're showing up in life. You need to have posture in what you're doing, which means belief, self worth, and you need to be hungry. When I say hungry, I don't mean desperate or needy. I mean driven. Who wants to follow someone who has no idea where they're going? Who wants to join someone who shows up only when they feel like it? So forget what you've been trained about dumbing it down for duplication. Forget what you've heard about the best copy cat wins. Yes it's important to follow a proven system, but when it comes to recruiting and building a business online, you have to stand out! You have to make some noise! 

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Cold Market

Cold Market Prospecting: Active Marketing

So if you've seen some of my other trainings, you know I talk a lot about passive marketing and active marketing. Today we are focusing purely on active marketing - prospecting- which many people will try to get out of and than wonder why they're not having any results. The more you can speak to a pain point in your content, the more you can get people to take action and come to you. But you still need to have a conversation with that person in order to get them to take action. Prospecting is the quickest way to do this, and in Network Marketing, you want to move fast! Moving fast means fast results...and is far less painful over the long term.

Cold Market Prospecting: Keep it simple sweetheart

Humans over complicate everything. Prospecting does not need to be complicated. It's simply a conversation you have. When you have belief in yourself, your company and this profession it feels more simple. It's not about what to say, it's more about what to ask. It's about being interested, not interesting. It's about educating, not selling. It's about uncovering needs, predicting desires, and finding buyers. We don't convince, we sift and sort. And trust me, you don't want everyone to sign  up! You want to find people who are pleasant to work with, who are coachable, who are success focused, driven, reliable, and kind. Here are some of my personal tips on prospecting that I used to find amazing people for our team and rank in the top 10 recruiters in our team of over 7000 Social Marketers.

Success is by design, not by chance.

Cold Market
  • Find people to talk to who have similar interests and personality traits to leaders in your profession.
  • Actively reach out to those people and start the conversation. Download my Free Prospecting Guide
  • Find the need or pain point - Predict their desires
  • Exhibit confidence in your communication and then use a tool to share the information
  • Follow up and Close

Cold Market Prospecting: Recommended Resources for lead generation

Most people prefer to use passive and automated marketing for their business, and this can work to an extent when done correctly. If you are trying to generate more online leads, create one piece of content each and every day such as an article, video or blogpost. Overtime, these will add up and you will start to get some leads coming in within 3-9 months if you are consistent. But you still need to remember that every business is based on human relationships and it's important for your business to also be connecting and prospecting with the leads you generate. Passive Marketing is not the fastest way to grow your business, but it works well and is rejection free. A lot of the strategies I use for content marketing come from the training I've done with the Attraction Marketing Formula and am very grateful for their training.

Cold Market

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Cold Market
Cold Market

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