My Miracle Morning Routine for Entrepreneurs

Let's talk about your Miracle Morning. What's your business fitness like? In order to reach our fitness goals, we need to have an exercise plan and we need to be following it consistently if we want to have results. Well the same goes in business. You can have a successful home business working part time but you can’t work it sometimes and expect to have great results. Business is like fitness, you need to train your hustle muscle every day and improve your skills. You need to condition your body and mind for business fitness if you want to be a strong business leader. How many of you have a go to success routine for staying fit in your business? And here’s the thing...just like fitness, people will notice your commitment to your goals by the results you’re getting from your daily activity. And people want to follow people who are showing up, doing the work and getting results.

The Miracle Morning: Organizing your time

Now don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t have amazing time management skills. I didn’t when I got started and I had to learn how to manage my time better so I could be more effective. I have found that the biggest challenge with getting started in business is developing the right habits. You are incorporating a new routine into your existing routine, so the most important thing for you is to learn how you will manage your time. Finding your miracle morning is going to help with this.

The Miracle morning: Let's get started

The first thing I recommend doing is deciding what time you will be working, and than schedule it in. Maybe that means getting up an hour early, or going to bed an hour later. Or it means spending your lunch break on a timer working on income producing activity. What if you set aside a few hours on the weekend, or stopped watching Netflix every evening. Whatever that looks like for you, know that in the beginning you must give up to go up. As much as you need to create a to-do list for your business activities, you may also need to think about creating a stop-doing list.

It might take some trial and error to find that perfect routine, if you haven’t done this before or you’re not used to having to manage your own calendar. So I’m going to give you some tips and show you what my Miracle Morning routine looks like to get the most done in a short amount of time.

miracle morning

Create your Miracle Morning

Most people start their day at the mercy of everyone else's energy. They sleep with their phones on, check emails first thing, and let other people run the show of their day. Top CEOs and highly successful entrepreneurs begin their day with intention, making sure they are the ones in charge of how their day goes. I find if I start my day off at the demands of the world around me, things just don’t go as smoothly. It is worth waking up a little bit earlier than everyone else in your house to get your mindset in the right space. Even if you can’t dive right into your work, give some time to these Miracle Morning Savers.

Miracle Morning SAVERS

  • Silence                                                 

  • Affirmation

  • Visualization

  • Exercise

  • Reading

  • Scribing

Implementing my Miracle Morning Savers

Silence: I use the Bellabeat app to track my health, and they have great 5 minute meditations. Here I just focus on my breathing when I wake up and use this time to set the intention. Before I discovered my miracle morning routine, I used to wake up with my mind just flooding with everything from my to do list. Taking this time to just be in the moment and silent is super calming. Some of my favourite meditations from this app are Inner Peace, Internal Compass, Body Scan, and De-stress for women.

Miracle Morning Affirmation

Your affirmations can be whatever they want, but they need to be your strongest core desires. You need to feel these, and they need to be written in present tense as if you have already achieved them. Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. Desire and belief is a very large part of your success. 

Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does.

Miracle Morning Visualization

Take a few minutes to look at your vision board, photos in your phone, or imagine yourself arriving in your mind. What does it feel like? Feel your feet in the sand, smell the air. Who are you with? What are you doing? The more clear you can get on your vision, the more driven you will be to do the things you want to do. 

Miracle Morning Exercise and Reading

I like to combine these. Get out for a run or ride and throw on an audio book. I usually don’t listen to skillset trainings during this time, but am more focused on growing my mindset while strengthening my body. You can listen to an audio while doing a home work out or jumping into the gym. As a rule of thumb, 45 minutes of exercise each day and 30 minutes of mindset. But if 15 minutes is all you have in the morning to get the blood pumping and the mind flowing, than that is better than not doing anything at all.

Miracle Morning Scribing

Personally, I like to journal before exercise. It's all about pen and paper when it comes to journalling. I used to practice this ritual using apps, but it doesn't feel as methodical or as real. Since I build my business 100% online, I am already using technology for a portion of my day, and it's good to have it all turned off and just be in the present moment and let the pen flow. Some of the things I journal every day are:

  • Today I’m excited about
  • My main focus is
  • Exercise and Meals
  • What I’m grateful for

If it doesn't get written down, the intention isn't set, and I'm less likely to take action on it. That's just how our brain works. Once I've got my head in the right space,  I review what is on my agenda for the day and I get to work. In the evening before I settle down for the night and my phone is off, I add to my journal:

  • Good things about today
  • What I hope for tomorrow
  • The 3-5 most important things I need to do the next day

Now that my mind is in the right space,  I dive into the biggest income producing activities for my day. As a social marketer who has developed multiple streams of income through my personal brand, content is King. Creating 1 piece of content every day is a number 1 priority. If you’re building online, it should be your number 1 priority too. This is best to do this with a fresh mind. 

Miracle Morning: Make it your own

Whatever you want your routine to be, the most important thing is that you get into the habit of doing this routine consistently. If you want to be more productive I recommend you set a time for each of these activities so you can get laser focused and be more effective. It’s so easy to be distracted when you work from home, so make sure you set yourself up in a space with minimal distractions. 

You’d be surprised how much faster you can accomplish something when you’re on the clock. Would you like to see how I structure my morning and the tools I use to be most affective in the time I have? Download my Free Miracle Morning Workbook. You can follow my schedule to a T, or use it for inspiration and create your own in the space provided.

miracle morning

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