The Secrets to Creating Success in Network Marketing

What separates the people who create network marketing success and those who struggle? You guys, I sat on the sidelines for a long time watching other people being rewarded for success. I was working hard all the time, I was showing up to all the "non-negotiables", and I was creating some success myself, but not the kind I came here for. I was working my personal business, I was personally sponsoring and selling, and I was earning my bonuses and even a few trips...but I wasn't hitting those ranks you hit as a result of helping others become successful. To be honest, I was losing people faster than I was signing them up and the moment I plugged them into our system for success, they would go into the witness protection program.

I put my business hat on and I assessed my business. I had low repeat sales, I had low retention for consultants and I was the only person on my team winning...probably because I was the only person willing to do anything to make it happen. I remember after every event or training, I would get all excited from the pep talks and come home ready to ramp it up after I'd spent all my savings to get there. We would implement the special of the week, rewrite our list, and get on the phone to book our calendars. Ugh the thought of it makes me queasy. it was a perpetual cycle of struggle and always feeling like I was starting at 0.

So I decided to start over at 0. After 1000s of dollars invested in trainings, and finally getting the kind of results I wanted to have online, I decided it was time for a big change. I realized it was time for me to partner up with like minded leaders so that I could grow an organization that would have the support of many other leaders like myself. I was craving to be in a community that would appreciate my love for online marketing, and to be rewarded for these skills, and I was looking for a home where my team could win too.  Just 6 months into my new partnership and I have expanded my business into 10 countries and rank advanced 8 times...but not only that, my team is rank advancing 2-3 times in their start month, and these are not the kind of ranks you can buy. 

Again I have put my business hat on to gain a clear understanding of why we're having such great success so quickly so I can share these tips with you. So why do some create results and others struggle? Most people think it’s the products, the company, the timing, not having enough time. Some think it's because they got lucky. Look, all of these things play a role, but there isn't any kind of business that produces results on luck. But 3 factors do play a major role in your success...The leadership, the system, and you. You want to get lucky, go create it.

Network Marketing Success Tip 1: Long Term Vision

A business is not like a job. You do not get paid of every action,  you get paid on every transaction. So you have to have a long term vision and the ability to share that vision with others. You need to learn how to focus on the activity every day, regardless of the results, but keep your eye on that end game. Rome was not built in a day. Network marketing for most people is not something that happens over night, unless you have these things I’m going to share with you...and then it will happen quicker.

Network Marketing Success Tip 2: Influence

Leaders who move fast start out with influence. They are someone who is admired by their peers and their community. They have generally created success in other areas of their life and people look up to them or want to be like them. When they make a recommendation, people listen because they trust their influencer. So if you're starting out with a small sphere of influence, you will need to work your hustle muscle a little harder and you'll need to build up that reputation. Whether you are networking online or off, you're going to want to think about what your message is. Most people get this wrong, they get all wrapped up in their message being what they do and how to craft their pitch. So instead, ask yourself these questions...

  • whats your brand? 
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Who are you?
  • How do you show up?
  • How do others view you?

People don't buy into companies, they buy into you...someone they like, who they know they can trust. So never brand your company, brand yourself. Especially when it comes to building your presence online. You will immediately lose credibility if a viewer comes to your page and it looks like an infomercial for your company.

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Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success Tip 3: Coachability

What does it mean to be coachable? Well, simply put, it means asking for help and implementing the advice you've been given. You have to learn to set your ego aside, because network marketing will humble you. The leaders I coach who create results the quickest are the ones who plug into the training and take action. They rip the bandaid off and allow faith to play its role and they put their trust in the system. Do the work, even the stuff that scares you. And know that as you're starting out you are learning a new process, so be gentle on yourself and speak positively about your business.

If you tell yourself you're not good at this, or that this isn't working for you, than you will manifest more of this. If you focus on the activity and the growth, and you seek solution instead of problems, you will create success. And lastly, you need to be all in. If you leave the backdoor open, you always know there is an option to quit, and the only way to fail is to quit. So be all in, follow your leaders system to launch your business and create momentum. Remember that a plane takes off against the wind, not with it. Thank you Henry Ford.

Now I will be completely transparent here...It's very hard to be coachable if you're not aligned with the system your leaders teach. I thought I was the reason I was stuck in my last business, and there was a lot of guilt and a lot of shaming going on. It's really difficult to create positive results in a negative environment. The truth is, I didn’t want to be coached the way I was being taught - having people buy in their promotions at $2000, asking my friends and family for favours, tricking people into attending business presentations...these aren’t marketing skills and I didn't feel good about it.

So I had to learn a lot of skills on my own, until I aligned myself with a company that was training online...and that's when my Network Marketing Career began to soar. If you're not aligned with all aspects of what you're doing, you will find cracks in your belief. You may start to doubt yourself like I did, or wander if the grass is greener. If you know you have given it your absolute best, you have worked consistently for at least a year, and you're still in the same place...there's a good chance it's not you, and it might be time to put your business hat on and ask yourself if you're in the right place.

Network Marketing Success Tip 4: Resourcefulness

A big part of being resourceful is understanding the tools and lay of the land and knowing where to look for answers. When you get started, familiarize yourself with your back office and your training resources. That doesn't mean you have to watch every single training but know where to look for answers. Then teach your team to be resourceful. This is the time leverage piece that so many people underutilize.

Don’t try and be the expert coach or the expert on products. Use the presentation tools and resources provided. Sell the thing that sells the thing. Use the training provided to train your team. Use the calls to invite interested prospects. I used to do home parties, coffee shop meetings, hotel meetings, phone and zoom meetings, 3 way calls, non of which was creating time leverage to it's utmost capabilities.This is the kind of activity that takes up a lot of your time and makes it very difficult for you to move quickly through the ranks - unless you’re one of those people who has all day to build a side biz. To be a leader in the 21st century, you have to be willing to embrace more modern ways of building and  truly understand the meaning of time leverage and duplication if you want to build a large organization.

Network Marketing Success Tip 5: Personal Development

As Eric Worre always says, you will either be rewarded or punished for the life you lead before Network Marketing...meaning this is one factor that will determine your speed of success. I have been practicing personal development for the last 6 years every single day, and it's the fuel I use to light my own desire fire. It's what helps me overcome the hard stuff and keeps me focused on the end game. Here are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself, and know that you can improve every single one of these areas with committing to your growth.

network marketing success
  • How much you have developed yourself personally and professionally?
  • Do you respond or react to your circumstances?
  • Do you allow fear and doubt to have power over you?
  • Does your ego get in the way of your authenticity and are you afraid to be vulnerable?
  • Are you self focused or service focused? Is it about you or is it about who you can serve?

Network Marketing Success Tip 6: Discipline

Like anything, if you want results you have to show up. The leaders who have the greatest impact and the most success show up even when they don’t feel like it. Business happens in cycles, so you need to have the discipline to put it consistent effort. Most cycles happen in 90 days, so you can expect to see results happen within a 3 month time frame from when you started to create them. But to really develop a new skill to it's greatest potential, you need to give it at least a year. 

How you manage your time and set up your day has a lot to do with how disciplined you will be. It's all about creating healthy habits. That's why I've created this Miracle Morning Workbook to help you up your game in your life so you can up your results in your business. And in the resources section below I've included a few of my favourites to help you along your journey.

network marketing success

Network Marketing Success

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Network Marketing Success

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