How to create credibility in your home business when you’re just getting started.

Every single leader in network marketing created results before they had any. Belief has a sound and a big part of everything we do begins with having faith. Faith in our dreams, belief in ourselves, and that we are worthy of having more. It usually starts with our own journey and than we realize our ability to help other people overcome the same obstacles. 

But when we're starting out, and we haven't had any results yet, we wonder who we think we are that we can offer advice or solutions to others. But here's the thing, it's not about where you're at right now, is about the vision of where you are going. This is why it’s important for you to have a crystal clear vision of your why. Your why will be the light that guides you through the darker times.

Knowing your why helps you uncover your purpose, your message and your story. I am sharing my story on a daily basis to inspire people to action. It's shows people who we are, what we stand for...and people are looking for people to follow and to guide them in a different direction. Every great creation, world wonder, and success stories begins with a vision, and the vision is what opens doors.

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Creating Credibility Lesson 1: Vision casting

Whether you are getting started or you are a seasoned network marketer, you have to Invest in your education and transformation. When you invest in the skillset, the mindset, and your own business, people know you are serious. They begin to see the small shifts you are making and they become attracted to the idea of what you're doing. They see a vision for themselves of how they can make changes in their own lives. You have to act as if...even before you get the results.

Whether its a product or a service, when something brings a transformation for us we talk about it. We are excited about it and we share it. Most people come into this business through a product experience, they love their results and find themselves talking about it, and then they join the business. But here's the deal...

Many people who get started have a fairly small vision of what this business can actually do for them. For them they think of this as a side business, and extra stream of income to support their shopping habits and turn their expense into an income. And thats fine! Thats why it's important to share all sorts of wins, to let people know we specialize in dreams of all sizes. Many people lack the self belief to realize their own potential  in this business and if this is you, then you must borrow your leaders belief...or mine. If I can do this, I know you can too!!!

Create Credibility Lesson 2: Story Telling

So you haven't had a product transformation and you haven't made a single dime. Why should someone listen to you? Because, you've seen what this business or product had done for many, so share that story! Share the business successes of those around you. Share before and afters or product testimonials of people in your organization. Educate your audience on the benefits and why they should be taking a look.

DO NOT try to sell them anything, but entertain, educate and inspire them. Do not give them facts about your company or facts about your product or service. Facts tell, but stories sell! The best marketers are story tellers! You don't want to give it all away,  you just want to raise some curiosity, and you don't have to have results to do this.

As you start to build some traction, share the wins! It's all about taking people on a journey from your beginning through your progression. People love reality T.V. so give them a good show. Even the small wins are worth sharing.

  • Earning back your investment
  • Being able to pay for your children's activities
  • Guilt free shoe shopping
  • Paying for that second car for your family
  • Being able to have more time with family
  • Being able to work part time or leave your bridge job
  • Earning company incentives

One single testimony can open so many doors if you know how to deliver the story and ask the questions. Getting those first few customers can feel so challenging, but 1 new story can make all the difference. That one person could be a huge referral source, or could be your next business builder. So share without self judgement or being worried about what others might think of you. It's not your business what other people think, it is your business to rock your business. 

People follow people who know where they’re going. People respect people who are brave enough to go a different path. Those who are willing to make a choice to go after what they want rather than settle for their current circumstance.


Who are you more likely to follow? Someone excited about their future and fired up? Or someone who is unsure and cant see a vision for themselves let alone anyone else? 

You may not  have the results yet, but if you are willing to make a change and you have a roadmap for how to get there, you are far ahead of most people. Your vision and your dream for what you're creating is what will set you apart. Your vision is what makes you different from everyone else in NWM and in everyone else in your company. Give people a reason to pay attention to what you're doing. Give them a reason to follow. This is what attraction marketing is all about.

Creating Credibility Lesson 3: Attraction Marketing

I've had a lot of success quite quickly in my new company and there is a reason why this time around I am moving much faster through the ranks and taking people on this journey with me. I have always had a strong belief in our profession, a passion for health and wellness, good products and good marketing, and being part of a community. But I came into Network Marketing for leverage and time freedom. And the system my previous company used was not part of my vision. I did it anyways, for a long time, but I never liked being gone nights and weekends from my family. I didn't like that when I did a presentation, I had to do it all over again. My business relied on the time commitments of others. I never thought this was sustainable over a long period of time, and I would imagine to myself 5 years from now doing the same thing. How we we're building didn't match my vision for the kind of lifestyle I was looking for. And I couldn't confidently bring other people into this business knowing that in order to make it to the top it was far more work than just part time. 

I knew i had to make a change.  I wanted to build a highly leveraged business, where I didn't have to present products or opportunities. Where I didn't have to leave the comfort of home, and where I could enjoy building from a cafe in Europe, or our backyard in Canada. I started looking for people who we're better than me, who could mentor me. I started looking for the education I needed to not just learn it for myself, but to duplicate it to my team. In that process I met my current leaders, and I realized a lot of things we're missing for me.

I wasn’t recruited into my current company, I was educated into my company. When I saw what they we're doing and how they we're building, I jumped in with 2 feet. I created success quickly, long before I had results with our products or made a single dime. My belief in our system for success and our leadership had me asking everyone I talked to if they we're open to taking a look at this business. I fell in love with the abundant mindset of our leaders, our supportive community and the activity we do everyday. I watched many successful top earners who I followed, leave their companies and join hands with us. With a vision for myself to travel and work online, I fell in love with the direction our company is leading our industry and the idea of being able to be a pioneer in the transformation of this profession. That is how I created results right out the gates. I shared my story, I shared their stories, and I shared my excitement. 

Creating Credibility Lesson 4: Learn, Implement, Teach

Last but not least, when you are starting anything, you are in learning and building mode. It's a mix of learning and taking action. But you also want to be turning around and teaching what you're learning. So every single new skill I learned, every aha moment I had, and every experience I created, I turned around and shared this with my audience. As I learned about the products, used them and had experiences with them, I turned around and I shared the results. When my customers had success with the products, I shared their feedback. When my team got started, I shared their wins. My before and afters are still bringing in new leads weekly from a post I created 5 months ago. Get really good at learning, implementing and teaching. This is how you create belief and how you deliver value.

Lastly, lean on your leadership. In our business, we use a simple group system where we all work together to deliver the message and create social proof of our successes. We use group chats to create 3rd party validation and let people get multiple perspectives. We edify our leaders and we use the tools created to do the work for us. This is how we have leverage but also how someone with little to know experience can create results right out the gates. Let's recap!

  • Brand Yourself and your message
  • Share your story
  • Cast a vision for others
  • Show up big and be all in
  • Ask the questions
  • Edify your leaders and lean on support

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