Where to find people to talk to about your network marketing opportunity.

Have you ever been told by your up line to just go out and talk to more people? Have you heard this business is a numbers game? Or that you need to increase your batting average? Well for the most part these are all true, but it's all about how you approach it. You know, it's not what you say, but how you say it. Learning how to meet people and effectively communicate what you do in a way that lowers resistance and raises curiosity is the magic ticket to success in network marketing. 

And I'm not just saying this because it sounds good, but because I have failed forward HARD in this business by taking what I was taught too literally when I was getting started. I am one of those people who has turned struggle into resilience and have a high tolerance for rejection coupled with a sick work ethic. I have a vision and I know I have the vehicle, so I was willing to do whatever it took. But ofcourse, I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning and unfortunately I had a lot of poor coaching on how to warm up my warm market and than work through people. So instead I was out doing it all...home parties, trade shows, Facebook parties, networking events, coffee dates, you name it. And yes, I was tired. But here is what I learned...There are ALOT of ways to meet humans for your business. You just have to pick a few and commit to doing the work.

The fundamentals of business building

The backbone of this business is relationships. It comes down to how people view you in their circle of influence, and how you position yourself as someone credible and trust worthy. So if you are all business sales all the time, you might find it difficult to find people who will listen to you and be open to hearing about your opportunity. These rules apply online and off.

Yes you need to know how to sell your products and services, but you also need to know how to connect with people and let them know you actually care about helping solve their problems. People can sense when you just see dollar signs on their foreheads and now more than ever they have plenty of options to choose from. So ask yourself, why should they work with you? What value do you bring to the market place? What is your message and what do you stand for? How do you want to be of service to others and stand apart from your competition?


The principles of Networking for your business

So now that you have the fundamentals, let's talk about networking. It doesn't really matter what profession you are in, marketing is the backbone of your business. So you need to either learn the skill of marketing your business, networking, or using paid advertising. I prefer to have a combo of the 3, but when I was starting out with very little resources, I relied heavily on networking. Plus at that time, I didn't have the skills for generating leads online, but I learned them while I was out meeting people. Regardless of your method, this is a relationship business. So networking and building relationships is still a fundamental piece of the puzzle. 

Many leaders only teach these offline methods of networking and meetings because they don't know how to teach you to expand your network online...and many will say it doesn't work. But I have $30,000 million in online sales and a thriving team that says it will. You just have to learn how to do it properly.

Building your network on facebook

When you're starting out online, I recommend launching your business on Face book. It is the most user friendly platform for the largest variety of demographics. And I recommend you do a soft launch of your business and let your current network know what you're up to. A lot of people are afraid to do this, but that's because they see so many people doing this in a tacky way. When you share with your audience why you're excited and how you're excited to help people, they lower their resistance. But when you start posting expecting people to buy from you and join you, you raise resistance. 

Groups As you're starting out, one of the best ways to network on Facebook is through like minded groups. This is similar to networking in person, but it's online and you just jump in the group and join the conversation whenever suits your schedule. Where people go wrong is when they jump in these groups and start sharing their offers rather than their value. Again, you have to focus on meeting people and building relationships. Network online as if the person was standing in front of you...meaning, don't say or do anything online you wouldn't do in person. 

Suggested friends Once you start to meet new people online, Facebook will start to suggest new friends to you and you will burst your network bubble. Don't just friend up anyone though. Go have a snoop on their profile. Find common interests and ask yourself if this is someone you could genuinely connect with, and even see yourself being friends with in real time. Those are the people you add. FYI this is how I found my mentor and my team.  Than connect with them on a human level, learn a bit more about them. If they like you, they will pay more attention to your content and it will increase the value of the posts you're creating and the probability of them wanting to work with you.

Fanpages Now a common question I get is, should I start a fan page? Yes you should. But first learn the basics of attraction marketing before you start putting money behind your work. As you're getting started, you're still figuring out your brand, your audience, the kind of content you like to create and what people like to read. Fan pages is a pay to play platform, so unless you are ready to commit to doing a lot of live videos, and run ads, start with your profile and learn the ropes. 

Building your network through instagram

Another favourite platform I find amazing for meeting great people is Instagram. People come to Instagram to be inspired and the organic engagement on this platform is 58% higher than it is on Facebook. But that doesn't mean set it and forget it. Yes you want to be posting regularly, but you also want to be engaging and connecting. I create 2 posts each day and I use hashtags in every single posts relating to my target audience. I also follow hashtags that are of interest to me and to my target audience. And I am in my stories consistently taking people on the journey of both my personal life and my behind the scenes business life. This is where you can get personal with your people. I recommend checking out and engaging in other peoples stories to get a dialogue started.

Other online networking platforms

A couple of other great places to find people online looking for solutions to their problems are Quora and Linked in. Im not actively networking on these platforms as I have my hands full with a constant stream of leads coming in through Instagram and Facebook, but it's good to know that again people are everywhere looking for what you have. You just have to jump in and join the conversations and again, lead with value. 

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And if you're someone who craves social and you want to combine social with social media, I recommend checking out Meetup.com for social meet ups around the world. This is a great way to find people with common interests and make new friends. Because I love to travel a lot and have lived in multiple places, I have used Meetup.com quite a bit. Now I don't go to meet ups to talk to people about my business though. I go there to connect and create fun memories with people, but I do bring those people I meet into my online bubble to stay in touch. And in the process they will be exposed to my valuable content and to learning more about what I do. Some other great ways to connect with like minded people is through volunteer work, gym or fitness classes, and social engagements.

But whatever you do, do not be that person that constantly talks about your business opportunity, or you'll find yourself on the do not invite list. Not everyone we meet is a business prospect or a potential customer, and it's important to know this. But approach your business and networking from a service minded perspective, and you will find the people you meet sharing your content and referring business your way. And sometimes this is better than them making a purchase. People lead you to people..so go out there and live your life, allow social media to compliment it.


My best tips to creating long term success and a 

constant flow of leads for your business.

  • Choose your strategy.
  • Invest in learning everything you need to know about this strategy.
  • Commit to your strategy and practice it daily (My daily method of operation in the resources section will help you with this)
  • Become excellent at what you're doing and than turn around and teach it. 

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