How to Inspire your Team into Action

So you have a team, but they're not doing anything, and you can't figure out how to inspire them into action. Ever felt this way? You're just not sure what you can say or do to get them to take action and it feels like your organization is just treading water. Well, I know what that feels like because I've been there. I remember when I built my first team in network marketing and they went into the witness protection program faster than it took them to decide to join the business. Some of them would launch their business events, and I'd get so excited thinking finally I have some Aces here, and then they would disappear from the face of the earth.

As much as this sucked, it's also what taught me how to be a great leader. You see, our leadership in that company was self focused. There wasn't any room for innovation or creativity. The system was old school and the leadership micromanaged it's leaders, thus it wasn't creating or duplicating leadership. I started to track what was happening from the relationships I was building, to then plugging my team into the system and leadership...and this is where the disconnect was happening. The moment I plugged them in, they ran. So I started to focus on the qualities that were attracting my team and the activities that inspired them into taking action. And that's when I realized that true leadership is what most people are craving in this profession. Leaders foster relationships and they build more leaders. If it's lonely at the top, it's because you're doing it wrong.

Lead from the front

In order to lead, you need to focus on becoming the best version of you. People follow what they see, not what you say. Be the kind of leader you would want to follow, even if you're up line isn't. You don't need their title to be a leader..act as if. Commit to the activity and take consistent action. If you want your team to plug in, you have to plug in. If you want your team to invest, you need to invest first. If you want your team to prospect, recruit or do video...yep you guessed it. You have to do it first. How can you expect them to do the things you're not willing to do?

Invest in your own learning and growth, and if you don't have the kind of education you need to build your business the way you want to build it, then go out there and find it. I didn't get to this point by sitting back and waiting for my leaders to give me the OK to build my brand and rock it on social media. Now I have leaders who admire me for these strengths, but it wasn't always like that. I used to be punished for doing things differently and treated like an outsider. But I wouldn't change a thing, because the education I learned outside my previous company has given me way more freedom and helped me make way more money than I could have if I did what I was told. 

Love them where they are at

This business is about their goals, not yours. I know you didn't start this business because of other people's goals. But this is a business where people help people. You can have everything you want, if you'll just help enough people get what they want.  

Find out what their goals are and show them how to reach them. If they need you to hold their hand, hold their hand. If they need you to back off, back off. You will have all different levels of people who come into your business. Some will have the confidence, mindset and skills they need to soar. Others will need time to acquire them. Some will stick it out through the tough times, and others may realize that entrepreneurship is not for them. Make a space for all of these people in your home. Make it a personal experience and show that you respect them where they are at.


Culture and Community

The culture and community you create has a lot to do with whether people will stay or go. You want to create a positive, safe, and fun environment that allows for people of all walks of life to make their home. Where everyone feels equal and where anyone can thrive...even if they're journey is taking longer than others. You want to foster collaboration amongst team members. There is nothing worse than hearing the same 3 or 4 leaders talk on every single call or at every single event. If you're not hearing from a variety of people having success, I promise you, there is a disconnect somewhere inside of that system. 

Have a system in place for recognition and support for every level of achievement. And not just for ranks and titles, but for activity and action. Create opportunities for your team to take action and get excited for different incentives that allows them to be recognized. And create opportunities for communication. This is especially key when you're building a global business 100% online the way we are, and it's seldom that our entire team is in the same room together. The best way to do this is through groups and group chats. And making sure that when there is an event, you can get as many of your leaders there as possible to spend some quality time together.

Be committed to their success

Being committed to your teams success, means being committed to your personal activity. Always be growing and stretching yourself as a leader...I always want to be steps ahead of my team, and in the trenches working my business alongside them. Just because you're at the top making all the money, doesn't mean you should just kick your feet up. No way, your work isn't done until you bring your entire team up to your level of success.

Challenge them to grow and stretch with love. Yes you want to love each person where they're at, but it is ok to show someone what you see in them and what you know is possible for them. If they have big goals, be ok to show them what those goals require of them. It's important as a leader to set the right expectations for your team so they can know what to expect and how to overcome challenges. And always focus on their unique strengths, never on their weaknesses. They can work on those later down the road when they're ready.

Connect and have fun

Create team challenges and campaigns to create activity and duplication within your organization. Provide resources and training for them to plug in to. Have verbiage they can use, and a plan of action they can implement. Brainstorm ideas with them, and be their accountability partner. I don't mean you should be spending 1 on 1 time coaching each person on your team, because it would be impossible to create massive momentum and success. But have a place where videos and documents are readily available to them to access the information they need at anytime. And be available for them when they need you, and not just at month end! There is nothing worse then only hearing from your up line when they are looking to crush a goal or meet an incentive. 


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