What to do when you feel like giving up

Do you ever feel like you just want to give up? Do you find yourself asking what it's all really for? Or maybe you're just feeling a little overwhelmed or stuck? I get it. I have been in that place. Although I've never doubted my journey as an entrepreneur there have been cross roads for me where I've had to learn to ask myself the right questions. And not all of them are always easy to find the answer to. 

Everything comes down to perspective, and being really clear on what it is you want and then being committed to the process. When you're committed, the universe conspires to help you find the way. Doesn't mean there aren't still challenges, but you will find yourself more resourceful and solution focused. This is key as an entrepreneur. You have to remember that this is a journey, not a destination. You're just not where you want to be yet, but that doesn't mean you won't get there.

Remember why you started

What I like to do is go inward when I feel like I'm stuck or overwhelmed. A lot of people will go researching and seeking for answers, but they become more overwhelmed in the process. Don't take more information in. Instead take the information you have inside, and get it out so you can start organizing and making sense of your thoughts.

First off, you need to recognize how far you've come. Seldom do we give ourselves the well deserved recognition we need. Take some time to re-connect to your vision and remember who this is for. Why are you here? What compelled you to get started? What is the difference you're wanting to make? Really, you should be looking at this daily, because inspiration only lasts as long as a bath. Inspire yourself daily with your vision. And I want to challenge you to shift your perspective, and embrace challenge as part of the process.

Gain Clarity

There is nothing quite like a change of scene to gain some clarity. Sometimes you just need to get out of your normal space to reflect and see things more clearly. There is nothing like the energy of a new space. Turn off your phone, close down your apps, and take it old school. Take a journal with you and brain dump all your thoughts on paper. Think about the challenges that you're facing and the ways you can move forward. The Happiness Planner has some great resources and printables you can download to help guide you through the process. I also love the Daily Greatness Journals. I have the business version, but they have different versions for various focuses.

giving up

Motion is lotion, as my husband likes to say. Nothing creates energy like movement. And what's amazing about movement is the affect it has on your stress hormones and clearing your mind. Take some time and get out into nature and breath. I get my best ideas when I'm in the mountains, swimming, or at the gym. And then make some time to just be still and silent. This doesn't have to take up a  lot of your day, but if you spend a few moments just being and setting intention as you move from one task to the next, you can be in that moment rather than being all over the place in your head.

Get Inspired

Once you have some clarity on the areas  you need to focus on, you can decide which direction you want to move forward and where you might need some help. Invest in your growth, it is the best investment you can possibly make. Sometimes where we feel stuck has to do with our personal life affecting our business life. And sometimes it's the opposite. So having clarity on where you need growth is key before investing in help. I make time every day for personal development, and I like to mix it up depending on where I am at. 

giving up

  • Read a book
  • Listen to an audible or a podcast
  • Watch a Facebook Live or Youtube
  • Invest in a course
  • Attend a workshop or conference
  • Get around like minded people on a regular basis
  • Find a mentor who you can relate to who is ahead of you 
  • Join a Facebook Community Hop into our inner circle

You have to remember that all things worth having come with challenges. It's not what we get by achieving our goals that is most important. It's who we are becoming in the process. Strive each day to be just a little bit better than yesterday. Focus on who you're becoming and put your faith in the process. Our thoughts and actions are the only things we have any control over. 

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giving up

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