The truth about network marketing and what to look for in an opportunity

Is Network marketing really a viable business model for success, and why are so many savvy entrepreneurs pursuing this profession as another stream of income for their brand?  I mean common, we've all heard the night mare stories and rumours about how people drink the Kool aid, invest money,  and never make a dime. We hear about how they have to chase their friends and family until they have no one left to talk to and stop getting invited to social events. And what about those home parties, hotel meetings, and spending a ton of money on product and samples? Of course we wonder how anyone can make any money with this little side hustle business, because we see so many people "fail'.

Yet there are people on social media every day shouting from the roof tops about the latest product and their ground floor opportunity. They share how they are having a ton of success and how if you want success you too should leave your j.o.b and join their team. We see people losing weight, earning trips and giving shout outs  to their team. And I'm sure we've all experienced the dreaded spammy message in our inbox with all the facts about their latest opportunity and how we would be crazy not to get started. If so many people are subscribing to this model, there must be something more to it. Lets dive in and take a deeper look.

The truth is, Network Marketing done right, with the right training and the right people, is an incredible experience, and a very lucrative opportunity that offers a lifestyle most opportunities cannot. Learn more about working with me & our team of leaders

Myths of Network Marketing

I want to let you in on a little secret. All of these ridiculous activities are not required in order to build a thriving business in network marketing, and people who think that this is a solid strategy for building successfully are sadly mistaken. Chances are, if this is what they're teaching you, than they are either faking it till they make it, or they have been at this for a very long time with a very low batting average and working way too hard.

Here's the thing…yes some friends and family might actually want to join your business. But most won't. Sure home parties can make you some money, however there is a lot of investment upfront with very little leverage, return, or repeat income. Yes some people have left their jobs to pursue network marketing full time, but most people are working this part time a long side a full time job or family life. And the trips and cars they earned, most of them can't actually show you how they earned them. They sell the hype and they show you how to buy a business, but they aren't actually teaching you how to build one.

Truth about Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business you have to build. It requires strategy, planning, leadership, action, and dedication. Getting in early will not guarantee your success. Great products you love will not guarantee that people will buy them. A global opportunity does not mean your business will go global. E-commerce does not mean you will be taught how to build a business 100% online. Titles are not what determine leadership. And a plan without action is simply a wish.

Marketing skills are required to build a business in this profession, and most companies and leaders simply are not teaching marketing or social media training. My job today is to teach you what network marketing actually is, what to look for when you're seeking an opportunity, and what to avoid if you don’t want to end up another number in the network marketing witness protection program.

Network marketing and MLM has earned itself a bad name over the years. And it's not because it's a bad profession, its simply because there are people who don't understand or respect it as a business. Because anyone can come in at any level of entry, experience and background, network marketing is an open playing field for the average person to create success with their own efforts. But that means anyone can create a positive or negative story in this profession as well, and impact it's reputation.


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What doesn't work in Network Marketing

What I personally feel gives this profession a bad reputation are the poor expectations set out by people with very little skill, who are trying to recruit people to help them create their own success story. Many leaders will simplify what it actually takes to create success, rather than painting a picture of the commitment required to build an organization of team and customers and than teach those team and customers how to share your business with their networks. They recruit but they don't offer proper training or support you need to create success.

These low expectations attract people who have low ambition, work ethic or vision. With very little discipline they cannot lead themselves let alone lead a team. And the moment it begins to feel like work, they quit... and than they tell their friends and family it didn't work. No one wants to accept the responsibility of not having put in the time and effort required. But someone with the right expectations can grow and learn the skills necessary by committing to the process of building this business. That was me. Unfortunately too many people quit before they ever reach that next stage of growth, and often this is because their mentor over promised and under delivered on what would actually be required of them.

When someone asks about working with me, I am straight forward and honest. The system we have is simple, but its not easy. It takes work, but you can learn the skills and you can create success if you're willing to put in the time. I have little interest in dragging people along who do not have the entrepreneurial mindset required to build their business. As a leader, I will take you by the hand and show you every step a long the way if you're willing to dedicate your time and commit to your growth.

What to look for in a Network Marketing Opportunity

So now that I've shared with you the myths about how products sell themselves and people get rich quick in network marketing, lets talk about what you need to look for in a business opportunity and what makes up the formula for success. 

1. Find a network company that is relevant in the market place

Find a company that is relevant in the market place. What are the trends and what are people currently looking for that they both need and want? This is important on the product side and the business side. Lets face it, health and wellness and working online are a perfect example of 2 of the most relevant and popular trends happening today. Everyone wants to be healthy and have time freedom. People don't want to build a side hustle that requires them to leave their home at night and spend hours creating a return on their investment.

2. Find a network company with a system that is online, simple, and duplicatable

Find a system that is simple, duplicable, and personally I recommend being able to run the entire thing from your smart phone. Everyone has a smart phone which means everyone has the tools already to get started. Why when we have all this technology would we still be spending hours driving to home parties? Can you explain the unnecessary time of learning and giving presentations when we can create a video that can used over and over again? Why are people still recommending picking up the phone when we know know that people do not want to answer their phone? As products improve, the systems with which we market them must also. And the system needs to be simple enough and require a low investment of time and money so that just about anyone can get started.

3. Find a network company whose business model & system aligns with your lifestyle

Make sure that the system you choose aligns with the lifestyle you want to have. I love to travel, and I have family all over the world. The freedom to make my own schedule, make money in multiple time zones, and from any location is key. I have to be able to run my business on the fly with Wi-Fi and my team doesn't need to wait on me and my schedule to create their own success. They know our system is solid and they can plug in any time and get the answers they need without personal coaching from me. 

4. Find network marketing leaders who offer support and have an abundant mindset

Because most systems for success come from leaders, start seeking out leadership and learning about the system they use. Find people you can trust, resonate with, and who you like to be around. You're going to spend a lot of quality time with these people so choose wisely. Good leaders are abundant with their knowledge and training. They are honest and they will show you what to expect and do their part to help you create success. Learn more about working closely with me Click Here

I would avoid leadership who thinks it's lonely at the top or who think they've arrived because of their title. Business is always evolving and you need to know that who you work with is not afraid to get their hands dirty and get in the trenches to pull you up to their level. This doesn't mean your success is their responsibility, but it means that they are there to support you along the way. There has never been a day in my current business where I have felt alone, and that support to succeed is amazing!

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5. Find a network marketing company whose brand and culture align with your brand

When you're choosing a business, make sure you take a look at the company you'll be aligning your brand with. 

  • What kind of ethical standards do they have? 
  • What is their stability in the market place?
  • Is the compensation plan generous and will you and your team both have a fair advantage to earn a lucrative income?
  • Is this a company that is willing to embrace a more modern way of doing things and committed to their growth as well as your own?

It's important that the corporate team and the field leadership have open communication, that they support you to do your best work and that you're generously compensated for your effort. All companies have fantastic incentives, but not all of them make it possible for most people to earn them.

6. Find a consumable product that drives visual results backed by a solid marketing plan

Customer acquisition plays a big role in your success, since most people will be customers, not builders. And most people come into Network Marketing through the products, so product development does have it's role. As you now know, products do not sell themselves. Marketing is the back bone of every good product having success in the market place. You have to have a solid leadership team that will teach you their simple system to get your amazing products in front of people. So yes, its got to have a solid product line that shows visible results so when you get it in front of people they'll be more likely to purchase. I recommend a consumable product that has the potential for monthly repeat purchases. But remember, the actual sale of a product is determined by your marketing. If it wasn't, why would they need you?

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  • Find a company that is relevant
  • Find a system that is online, simple, and duplicatable
  • Make sure the system aligns with your lifestyle
  • Seek out supportive leadership with an abundant mindset
  • Make sure the  company and culture aligns with your brand
  • Find a consumable product that drives visual results backed by a solid marketing plan

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