5 FREE ways to maximize Facebook Features to Grow your List.

Are you looking for FREE ways to market your business on Facebook and grow your list organically? There are plenty of free features you can use to drive traffic from your personal profile to your Fan page, Blog, Group or your Front End Offer. It just takes a little bit of work and creativity to set it up and start generating more leads on autopilot. Nothing like filtering business from your warm network to your business funnels in a classy way.

Your Social Media profile is your store front, so make it aesthetically pleasing, and make sure you have some welcoming images to introduce yourself and what you do. In this training I am covering how you can maximize the free features Facebook already has in place to get the word out about your business.

Facebook Banner

You Facebook banner is one of the first things your audience sees when they come to your profile. Use this space to capture their attention with a nice photo of you, something that incorporates your brand or your lifestyle and use words to describe what your brand is all about. This is to capture their attention. You can also add links in the description to your fan page, freebie, and your blog.

Facebook Profile Picture

Your Facebook profile should be a picture of you. It should not be of your dog, your family, or anything else really. It should be a nice clean and professional headshot of your face that is inviting to your new visitors. I see some pretty crazy mug shots on profiles of people who send me friend requests, and I will tell you, first impressions are everything. You need to realize that your profile is the new resume, whether you own a business or whether you're seeing employment. In fact, it's important in your personal life as well. I know for a fact, that when you date, the first place your potential partner will look to learn about you is on social media. I like to include a call to action for a next step in my profile picture.


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Facebook Bio

I’ve seen a lot of different uses for the intro/bio area on Facebook, but I recommend you set yours up to once again lead into your business. You want to include how you help people, what problems do you solve, and something that describes you or makes you unique and relatable. You can also include a link here to your blog, group, or your fan page. I don’t recommend you send people to a direct shopping page here, unless you have a system to set up to capture leads. Learn more about that here. http://johannahunt.ca/list-building-101/

Facebook Featured Photos

In the bio area you also have the opportunity to set up to 5 of your favourites featured photos. I recommend one of 2 things. You utilize this space to feature your lifestyle and brand, and choose the 5 photos that best describe you and your business (no company branded images or products included). Or you take the opportunity to promote your next step and get your visitors on your list. You can create an image in Canva to promote your front end offer for your visitors to subscribe, you can show your visitors how to follow your page and see your posts first, or you can lead them to your business group or fan page. Make sure you have a call to action for them to click the image to access, and include the link you want in the description of the photo.

Facebook Featured Albums

Albums is a great way to organize and promote your products and share your success stories. Now I personally don’t post a lot of direct product posts and I don’t announce my company name. You want to market, not sell on your social platforms. And you want to raise curiosity and lower resistance. The way to do that is by not having a bunch of company branded images all over your timeline. The albums I recommend creating are a product transformation albums and a business success story album. Share pictures and stories of people, not products or facts about your business. No one cares about that stuff, or what you sell. They care about how what you do can help them. Capeesh? 

Another benefit of creating albums is that you can keep all the stories in one place for your visitors to see the variety of people you can help. Also, it’s easy to find a story that someone can relate to when they’re all in one place. And when you tag someone in these photos inside this album, it bumps your album back out into the newsfeed for more exposure. Exposure is the name of the game here. The more you get your business in front of people, the more people you will have filling your pipeline. And the more people in your pipeline, the more customers and distributors you will have getting started on a consistent basis.


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