3 Simple Steps to a Successful Product Launch

Have you ever found yourself so excited about the launch of your companies new product, only to find yourself quickly deflated by the lack of interest from your network? Or maybe you see your peers crushing this launch and wondering why the hell am I not getting any customer sign ups or orders?

I have been on both sides of the spectrum until I learned how to properly leverage a launch and adopt an approach that left me feeling stress-free and confident in the outcome. Our team recently had 2 viral product launches, and in our first, we had $120,000 in sales in just the first 2 hours! Whoa! 

Step 1: Decide to crush it & set your launch goals

So number one, understand where you’re starting from. If you’re new to this, and you’ve never sold a product line or launched a new product, you may have to work a little harder for this. The name of the game always, is exposure. That means, someone with influence and a large following can post once and get huge results. But someone with less will need to expose more.  We’re going to work on maximum exposure regardless of where your starting point is. 

Make  a decision that you are going to crush this launch and give it everything you’ve got. Set a goal for how many pre-orders you want to get before your product even launches. Start envisioning what you want and than be willing to do whatever it takes. You belief has a lot to do in how you manifest your own results from the action you take. 

Step 2: Make a Plan & Get Launch Ready

Then get yourself organized. If you have a customer list, you want to export and download this. You always want to give your existing customers first preference to a new and exciting product. Plus they already use and love your brand. Decide on how you’re going to create your pre-order list. Are you going to use a notebook app, or pen and paper? You’ll need to track the conversations you’re having. 

Decide on the message scripts you’re going to send out to both your customers as well as your new leads. You want to have these ready because you need to talk to a lot of people and you want to make sure you equip your team with the right verbiage so they can get to work too and feel confident in their approach.

You’re also going to want to create a weeks worth of content leading up to the launch to create teasers and curiosity. Keep it light at first and than slowly feed out more information that piques your audiences interest. Again these are things I would share with my team so they can model what you’re doing and make it their own. And you want to go live atlas once to share your excitement and details about the launch and the new product or product line.

Step 3: Implement your Launch Strategy

Once you start reaching out you’re going to get requests for more information about the product and pricing, so again make sure you’re organized. Create an album on your phone with your before and afters and your launch packages. You’ll want to have a video or fact sheet you can easily send to anyone on any platform. If you utilize a group funnel strategy like we do, than you can add these items to the files section and albums, and create a unit for this particular line. 

You can create a pre-order list based on 2 options for each of your prospects and customers. Now for me normally I don’t do any ordering for my customers, but during a pre-launch I will offer this as a special service, especially if it means making it easier for them when our system is experiencing higher than normal volume at one time. The other option is to keep them on an alert list and tag them in the live launch, or create a group chat where you can communicate with this list during the launch. Just let them know that you’ll be adding them to a temporary group chat for the sake of the launch so they’re not caught off guard.

Bonus Tips for your Product Launch

Bonus tip. I always engage on my feed, and send messages to prime my algorithm before I make a post. Take 10 minutes to like and comment, and send out your messages to customers before you post your content, and make sure you’re posting at a peak time when you have most of your audience online.

If you're not getting results you want or feel like people are ignoring your content and messages, than this is a sign that you have more work to do, and you need to be delivering more value. How do you do this?

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Why some product launches fail

So here's the deal. There are going to be people in your organization who crush launches and there will be people who are disappointed with their results after the launch. Like I said, I've been in both places. It's really important not to get discouraged, but instead focus on what you have control over. This can be a really great learning lesson for your business.

First of all, be proud of your actions, not your results. If you gave it all you got, than you are winning. We are programmed in school and the traditional working world to be results driven, and of course you want to be in your business too, but actions are what drive results. If you have not been taking consistent action leading up to a launch, your results just won't be as good. Why? Because the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Business happens in 90 day cycles, and the mistake most people make is getting discouraged and quitting at 30 or 60 days, or at all.

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