How do you Create -Beach Money- Success in Network Marketing?

Would you love to crush your network marketing business and actually make more money than you spend? Um yah, who wouldn’t?  But a common problem I see in our profession is that most distributors end up being self consuming customers because they don't have the leadership that is showing them how to build a business rather than just buy a business. When I coach a new teammate to get started, the first thing we do is establish the right expectations of what it takes to create the results they desire, and today I'm going to walk you through the fundamental keys to success in network marketing.

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Most people come into network marketing from the workforce to build a side hustle alongside their part time or full time job, and they bring the job mentality with them. The job mentality is this idea that we receive a transaction for every action. But with business, it is more of an investment upfront like the education investment you may have made for your job or career. Although you’re able to earn while you learn, we don’t buy a business, we build one. Being an entrepreneur requires commitment and discipline, and many people quit before payday because they expect too much too soon.

Make Friends

Have you ever heard the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? This business is all about relationships, so you want to be focusing on expanding and growing your network consistently. Thanks to social media this is much easier to do now in a timely fashion without having to spend hours out each evening at networking events or trade shows. People join and buy from people who they know like and trust, so it is much better to focus on who you are being and building your brand and reputation than it is learning all about your products or becoming an expert. Be an expert networker and a person of value and you’ll go far in this business.

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Develop strong positive daily habits

Building a business requires discipline and consistent effort. It’s what you do each day that compounds your outcome over time. Get really good at following a daily method of operation and creating strong habits that will create consistent action, and therefore consistent outcomes for your business. Too often we focus on the results or outcome, but we only have control over the action that we take each day. Learn what to focus on, get good at mastering the mundane tasks and you will create results in your business. 

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Leverage the tools

A huge misconception in Network Marketing is leaders who think they need to know all and be all for their customers and team. In the working world this is often the case, but in Network Marketing it’s all about time and tool leverage. Don’t be the tool, use the tool! What this means is utilizing videos, calls, documents and systems set up by your leadership, and then getting really good at inviting people to take a look at the tool. It really is as simple as that. It should not requires a huge time commitment upfront from you or your prospect to check out the information. Asking someone now a days to commit a couple hours to a hotel meeting presentation or to sit in a coffee shop to hear about your business just isn’t the best use of your time when it comes to delivering the information in a timely fashion. The most successful leaders in our profession who build the biggest organizations use tools to leverage their time.

Tell good stories

Facts tell, stories sell. People make decisions emotionally and justify them rationally. That means that when you can connect to their pain points and offer them a solution by sharing a story they can relate to, you will empower them to make a decision that can help solve their problems. They themselves will than invest the time to look at the facts because you’ve evoked the emotion in them and they’re inspired with hope at changing their situation. This is extremely powerful. The best way to become a good story teller is by attending your team calls and trainings, online or offline, so that you can start collecting many stories from different walks of life.

Listen and ask questions

It’s not what you say, it’s the questions you ask. You don’t need an elevator pitch and you don’t need to have the perfectly polished scripts or closing phrases. But you do need to know what questions to ask that show your prospects your interest in their wellbeing. People will care about what you do when they can feel that you care about them. Ask them about their life and their work. What are their desires? Are they happy with their current situation or would they be open to a way of creating change in their lives? Notice how none of this has anything to do with your products or the compensation plan? It’s all about the connection!


Bring the energy and enthusiasm

Energy is contagious! Your energy will either create magnetism or it will send people running in the opposite direction. Energy and enthusiasm is everything. People can sense when you love what you do, and they can also sense when you’re faking it. Your vibe is your tribe and you will attract whatever you are being, so make sure you raise your vibrations and bring your best energy forward to attract ideal people into your world. 

Dream Bigger

Your pain pushes you until your vision pulls you. Most people start to seek change when the pain of being stuck becomes greater than the pain of change. They rarely come into this business with the vision of what can actually be created here. I know when I was starting out I could not fathom what earning 100k a year looked like or the lifestyle this would allow me to lead. I just needed a way to be home with my children and contribute financially to our family without having to go back to working late nights and weekends in events. But as I started to create results, my vision for what was possible kept growing and I shared this vision and transformation through stories on social media. These stories have inspired many people to push passed their own fear and doubt to create change for themselves. This is so powerful it gives me chills just typing this. 

So today I close this out with daring you to dream a little bigger, push beyond your own limiting beliefs, commit to your own success, and be a person who inspires and serves others.

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