The exact process you need to build your business on social media and grow a huge team

Have you ever wondered why this whole social media thing looks so easy for some, yet your still questioning the process for yourself? Do you ever wish you just knew the exact steps of what you needed to do each day to grow your results online? I've been doing this whole social media thing for such a long time that its just become a bit of a habit for me. Sometimes I forget that not everyone understands how this whole process really works. I mean, how do you build a lucrative income 100% online? What does that even look like? Is it possible? And what are these systems and processes you need to have in place in order to create success? 

So I thought I would spend some time jotting down exactly what I would implement if I was starting at the beginning. What would I do to set up my business system? Obviously because I have these all in place now, it may seem like growing my business is a breeze..but remember I started out at the beginning too. Just like you, I had to

  • How to manage my time
  • How to create strategies around my goals
  • Find mentorship and invest in my own success
  • Learn what to say and what not to say
  • Learn how often to post and when not to post
  • How to reach out to people and how not to
  • Systemize all these things into a daily method of operation
  • Turn around and teach it to my team

So now that you know it's been done before, you know it's possible and today I am going to share with you exactly what to do to get started. This may seem like a lot of work upfront, but it will make your life so much easier in the long term. If you want leverage, and you want time freedom and financial security,  you need a system. You can either create this system for yourself, or you can partner with someone who has the blueprint.

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Social Media Mindset

We all know everything begins first with a decision. If you are going to build a business online, you need to decide to be all in. Strategy requires consistent implementation day after day. Therefore, you need to accept that not everyone will understand what you do, nor will they know how to show support as you're learning and growing. Understand that building a business online is a skill, and just like any other profession is requires both your investment of time and money. It's a business, not a cute hobby. Hobbies cost money, businesses make money. Treat it like a business, and it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby, and it will cost you like a hobby. 

Social Media System

The principles of marketing and sales haven't changed that much over time, but the tools and methods have evolved. As a business owner, it's important to be relevant in the market place if you want to have the best results. Therefore you should be where you're people are, and that is on social media. Regardless of whether your system is online or off, you need a system for each of these following steps to grow a successful business. It's fascinating that you can grow a business on a social platform and use your voice and creative to drive traffic to our business. But social media marketing is really about mastering the mundane tasks required to show up every single day and carry out this process. 

Social Media Lead generation

A business without people is not a business, it's a plan for a business. Lead generation is one of the most crucial systems you need to have in place for how to market and attract potential customers and team to work with you. Traditionally this has been doing through word of mouth; home parties, networking events, and tradeshows. You have to first market yourself and become visible before you can sell anything to anyone. Any expert will tell you that the best way to do this is with attraction marketing. 

Attraction marketing is creating curiosity through content that is inspiring, educational and entertaining. This is how you to find like minded people who want to work with you. No, that doesn't mean posting all about what you sell. Content is about building trust, credibility and rapport with your target audience. The most simple way to do this is through the power of story marketing, and that is how you build influence and stand out.

Social Media Reach out method

Once you have attracted new leads for your business, you need to have a method for how you're going to reach out to them. Part of that process is knowing the questions you need to ask, and what you will want to say to lead them to the next step in the process. This is where you are qualifying your leads to learn a bit more about what they're looking for and making sure there is a fit for their need and your service.

A lot of people get this wrong. They think this step is all about what they should say, but it's more important what you ask. Too often, a newbie will give waaaaay too much information way too soon. They sell the farm before they've qualified whether or not that person is even open. Never ever send info or links without first asking for permission. And worse, don't reach out to leaders of other companies and try and recruit them into your business. It's tacky and not a good way to create friendships and allies in the profession. Do your homework and do things the right way. People can smell a copy and paste message from a mile away.

Social Media Sales Presentation

Once you've discovered there is a fit, you need a way of getting your product presentation or opportunity in front of them. If you're in network marketing, I do not recommend sitting down with a flip chart in a coffee shop and delivering the information yourself.  It blows my mind that there are still companies teaching this given how much time you can save thanks to technology. Not to mention, delivering presentations is quite possibly the least duplicatable strategy on planet earth. Most people are terrified of public speaking, and most professionals just don't have the time or want to invest the time required to do in person presentations.  

Instead you need to have a tool that you can point people to, so that you are simply inviting and following up with your prospects. This is simple, and it's a simple enough system for the average person to implement. Plus if you're doing this correctly, you can get a lot of people in front of the information in a small amount of time. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could have 20 people a day looking at your presentation? What would that do for your business growth? Do you think that might increase your batting average? It's 11 am here, and I have already delivered 2 presentations to qualified leads. It took me about 5 minutes. Boom!

Follow up and close

Once you have presented your products or opportunity, you need to have a system to follow up and close your prospective customers or teammates. These are 2 steps, but generally they go together. In the same conversation you want to discover what they liked best, and if they're ready to get started. If they aren't, what other information do they need? And would they like you to continue following up. I track my customers and teams journey inside a tracker so I know exactly what they need from me at each step.

Getting started on social media

Getting a yes is pretty exciting, and even just 1 yes is enough to validate that what you're doing is working. But make sure you know what to do with that yes, so that the person you're getting started can have a good experience. If you're in network marketing or MLM, you're going to need a getting started process and verbiage for both new customers and new team members. And it needs to be simple so that the average person can have success using it.


For a customer you want to have a simple sign up process, as well as a follow up schedule. It's enough work to get a customer, so creating a system for customer appreciation and referrals is key to your customer relationships. We work closely with our company to make sure our customers are being consistently exposed to our brand and offered value through email marketing, promotions, and community incentives.


For a team member, you're going to want to have 1-3 actionable steps they can take as soon as they get started, so they can create results within24 hours. We use a getting started video and checklist with specific support documents. You'll want to also have a plan in place for them to receive ongoing training.  This can be done on a team website or inside a Facebook group. Whichever you choose, you're going to want to make sure your team has access to any important documents, checklists and archived trainings they can access at any time. Your team members success should never be dependent on your own personal schedule. 

Social Media Mentorship

Now you have the choice of figuring out how to create this on your own, or you can seek mentorship to guide you along the way. I can tell you from experience, having mentorship is the fast track to success. I tried it on my own, and I learned a lot along the way. It was slow and painful. But if you have time on your side, go for it. However, if you need to start creating results and you have a big vision for what you want to accomplish, get a mentor! Success is not something we ever truly create alone. Would you take a road trip through a foreign country without a roadmap? Well taking this journey to entrepreneurship without a blueprint is essentially the same thing.

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