How to professionally optimize Facebook’s platforms for maximum exposure.

Do you know how to optimize your facebook platforms for the most visibility for your business? People ask me all the time, should I be using my personal profile or my business page to build my social media presence. My answer is both, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do this, and it depends where you are in your business. In this video I'm going to walk you through how to optimize your Facebook Features and what I've done to maximize my visibility for my personal brand. The truth is, our business is an extension of who we are and our passion and purpose. So we want to be creating curiosity and sharing information so that our target audience can find us through each platform.

Facebook Optimization: Here's what has worked well for me

Now I am going to share with you exactly what I teach and train my team, and what you should do depending on the vision you have and the level of desire for your business. If your business is primarily a hobby or to make a couple $100 a month, I wouldn't recommend you invest the time and training you need for fanpages. Stick to your profile and I'll give you some great tips to optimize that for maximimum exposure and compliance. 

But if you want to replace your income, or scale your business to 6, 7, 8 figures and beyond..well it's time to invest. Personallly I think when you have some skin in the game, you're more likely to succeed. But here is what I tell my team. Start with your personal profile while you are building your fan page. You have people who already know, like and trust you. And they may very well want and need what you are offering. They can also be an incredible referral source if you approach this the right way. Building both simutaneously will allow for you to have that future investment but that immediate pay off as well.

Facebook Optimization: Here is how I've optimized my facebook platforms

Facebook Optimization: Personal Profile

Pros To Using Your Personal Profile

  • Warm market, people who trust you
  • Free traffic
  • Messenger for conversations
  • Groups
  • Your business in an extension of you

Cons to using your personal profile

  • Not a long term plan
  • Max at 5000 friends
  • No targeting and minimal leverage (ads)

When you're getting started, I recommend you go live on your personal profile to share why you're excited and cast a vision of how you can help people with what you're doing. This is simply to create coversations and curiosity invite people to your fanpage or group to learn more. This is definitely not a sales pitch! 

If you only want to make a couple hundred dollars in  your business I would stick with your personal profile and I would go live 1-2 times a week to share some value and expand your reach and engagement. You want to set your profile to public, and you want everything on your bio to direct people to take the next step with you.

  • Bio linking to your fan page, group, or blog (I link this to my fan page)
  • Professional profile picture of you (not your kids, family, or pets)
  • Banner that showcases your personal brand (know your pillars)
  • Featured album (your pillars, brand, transformation story)
  • Share stories to create curiosity (visit my profile) to take people on a journey
    • Weight loss transformation (mine and my customers that allow me to share)
    • Team success stories and shout outs - their before and after
    • What you are learning or excited about in your business (hot tips)
    • Behind the scenes stories to showcase what you're using each day as a personal journey 
    • Speak as if you're speaking to a friend, not pitching your products or business


If you have a big vision for your business and you want people to see you as a credible authority, I would recommend business pages. Once you contacts list grows to 5000 you are capped on your personal timeline and will be wishing you'd taken my advice to build a fan page. Look if you have a demanding job and are just getting started, I would focus on my personal profile to generate an income that can free up more time. Than when I have more time freedom, I would start building out my page.

I have people on my team who have had great success with this in their first couple months and its a great way to start. You're already learning a ton, so I recommend mastering 1 skill at a time. Once you've been able to generate some results through your personal profile, and you know you want to go bigger, start building  up that fan page. If you don't need fast results, but you want to build it big, start with your fan page, and use your personal profile to move people over there.

Pros of using a fan page

  • Builds authority and credibility
  • Compliant with facebook rules and regulations
  • Likes campaigns, look alike audiences, custom audiences, boosted posts
  • Unlimited reach
  • Highly leveraged
  • You don't have to be as concerned with being shut down (reports for unsolicited sales)
  • Sign up buttons, learn more, connect to other accounts and groups

Cons of using a fan page

  • Pay to play
  • Takes time and consistency to build
  • More hustle if you want to build it organically

 How I recommend using it

  • Brand your page (like a billboard) I use and recommend ​Fiverr if you don't have time or talent for design
  • Fill out your about me, bio, banner, button to next step (I recommend sending them to your irrisistable offer) 
  • 80% value 20% promotion
  • FB Live for organic reach (start with 1-2 times a week consistently)
  • Retarget your posts with lookalike custom audiences of people who watch your videos
  • When engaging, use your fanpage persona and like other pages as your page
  • Point people to it from your personal profile (tag your page, invite people you connect with who want to learn more and build a relationship with you)
  • Share the appropriate content from business page to personal page or group
  • Connect personally with your followers and those who are engaging with your conten 

Recommended Resources

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P.S. Did this help you? Do you have a friend who would get some VALUE from this? Please share the love. The more we raise the bar on how we do business on social, the better of an experience it's going to be for everyone. xo Johanna

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2 comments on “How to professionally optimize Facebook’s platforms for maximum exposure.

  1. Isn’t it against FB Terms to run a business from a personal page.. or even mostly promote from a personal page? I think the marketer Julie Stoian has her account shut down recently for doing this.

    • Thanks for your comment Emma. I’m not sure who Julie is or why her account was shut down. But there is a difference between providing value and sharing stories about your business, and posting sales and business on your profile. If you read closely through this training, you’ll notice I refer to value-driven content for building trust, create curiosity, networking, chatting in messenger, and optimizing your bio to lead people to a next step…that can be a group, video, fanpage, blog…but I’m not referring to sales/spam or presentations about your business on your personal profile. This is very different.

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