How to Rock Black Friday and still have time to enjoy with your family.

Here I am, thinking of you just a few days before Black Friday. Black Friday is well underway for my team and I, we have our bases loaded and we are ready! I have my whoobie on, my hair in a top knot and a mud mask on my face.  I have a rediculous amount of facial products left over from the demo lines of products I used to promote in my last company, despite the number of products I ended up having to throw away. They're great products, but man am I glad I no longer have to spend so much money to make money. This is the beauty of running a home business via social media marketing. 

How to Flop Black Friday

The problem is, people are still using the methods they're being taught in their home party business to try and sell online. Black Friday is the worst when it comes to spamming social media with sales posts and fliers of your companies promotions. I think most of us have been there and we know how harmful this is to our business. Not to mention, it's impossible to stand out. People come to social media to connect and learn, not to be sold to. So here are some quick tips on how you can maximize this HUGE opportunity for your business. But do it in a way that people will respect, and also have plenty of time to spend the long weekend with your family. 

How to Rock Black Friday

Personal Messages

The first thing I do is get into messenger and let all my customers know that Black Friday is on it's way and that some of their favourite products will be on sale. I ask if they would like me to add them to my VIP list once the sales launch. I am always planning ahead and preparing myself so when the doors open, I am ready to go. As far as I'm concerned, my customers are number 1 priority. We do a lot of work to get them, why wouldn't we do a lot of work to keep them. If you have a large customer base like I do, think about using an email system, group chat in messenger, or a Facebook group to keep your customers up to date.

black friday

Leverage old posts

Next I go in and I boost all my old curiosity posts that were really successful and I send them back out into the newsfeed. Again, I've done the work once, why not maximize the results. This let's those who already engaged on my post, know there is a sale, and can help get fencers off the fence.

Revisit Previous conversations

I go back to revisit my list of the people who've shown interest in these products and I now have a reason to reach out to them and let them know the products they were interested in will be on sale. Again I am asking them if they would like to go on my VIP list, but I am not sending them details without permission. Remember that promotions are a great way to stay intouch with people and give them multiple exposures, unless ofcourse they've expressed that they are no longer interested.

Create new posts to generate leads

In the days leading up to a sale, I am going to post curiosity, polls, teasers, and educational support posts for the products that are going to be on sale. I want to educate and entertain people into wanting more info, and my call to action will be around them reaching out to learn more about the special deals I have going on. I never post sales, fliers, or links to shop on my platforms.Remember that stories sell, so shary your own story and the benefits of your products. You want to educate, inspire, and entertain your audience and peak their interest so they engage with you.

Share the gift of opportunity

Don't forget that one of your best products is the gift of opportunity. There are a lot of people looking for a way to make extra money for the holidays, who would love to start the New Year out differently. You could make a big difference in someones life this Holiday Season.

How to Stand out on Black Friday

And have fun with this. Don't try and be like everyone else, but be creative with your posts. Create some educational videos outlining why and how to use products, give tips that speak to benefits and have your product be the call to action. Host an event for you and your team where you can share your personal stories and experiences. Have different members of your team share inside your VIP groups for your customers, or do some dual live broadcasts. Make sure you are maximizing stories and polls, especially with all the amazing options you have inside Inst-stories to really get your creative juices flowing. You can just post once on social media and expect to have amazing results. It's just not like that anymore. Therefore,  you have to work this if you want to maximize the potential of this opportunity.

How to Capitalize on Black Friday and still have time for family

And remember that despite the holidays, it's still business as usual. Keep growing your network, building your relationships, and connecting with people in your community. The key to growing your business and having time with your family is making sure you're not leaving Black Friday to the last minute. But remember that this is a business and you need to prioritize it if you want to grow. 

So maybe that means having someone else host dinner this year. Or maybe you have to buy a pie instead of bake one. I just ordered fresh pie from my local bakery for our friends thanksgiving tomorrow so that I don't need to stress about spending the day in the kitchen, but instead I will be closing out black friday in the afternooon so i can enjoy the evening with the people I love. Having balance in your life is about choosing compromise. If you're celebrating this weekend, I am wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and I'm wishing you all the success in your business.

     Lets Recap

  • Personally reach out to customers 
  • Reach out to anyone whose still on the fence
  • Create Curiositys and teaser posts
  • Share tips and educational post
  • Use stories and polls
  • Create videos
  • Take pre-orders and make it easy for your customers
  • Remember the business is still your best product. 

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