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Social media recruiting is a big mystery for network marketers, and few know the correct way to recruit affectively online to build a massive organization. I know I'm not the only one receiving one spam message after another from eager and desperate network marketers ready to pitch and sell me on their opportunity. Obviously this is an integral part of your success, but does copy paste messaging and flying through the numbers really bring you the results you are looking for and attract leaders and influencers to your business? Not in my experience. And I will provide you with some amazing resources at the end of this article. I am holding nothing back, and what I have to say might sting for some, but I share this because I want you to get better results

Recruiting Don'ts

Here is what I typically see in my inbox and what I don't recommend you do. I'm going to give you the pychology of what people are thinking when they get these kinds of messages.

  • Ask them how they're doing, and when they respond, start talking about your business, how awesome it is, and how awesome you are in your business. Clearly it is all about you.
  • Tell them you're expanding your global business, give them an infomercial about the comp plan and or/ingredients, and offer to set up a free tour or presentation... because they would be so great at what you do.
    • How do you know I'd be great at it?
    • How do you know I'm not already happy with my situation?
    • What does this actually have to do with me?
  •  Thank them for watching your stories and than ask what you have in common? Why don't you go look at my profile and tell me wha we have in common? It's your job to preprofile your leads!
  • Tell your audience you have space for 5 people to join this month. Look, I have 5 people join me in 1 day. Most of us know how this works and this strategy for "sense of urgency" is amateur, especially if you want to sponsor influencers. And if you are maxed at 5 people joining you each month, I have to question the system you're working off of.
  • This is a ground floor opporunity! Guess what, its all ground floor. Urgency is about showing them how to solve their problems by starting now not later, not by hyping up your opportunity as if it's the only thing going.

Now, the other side of the coin is people who are too scared to be spammy, so they never ask anyone to take a look. They lack posture, confidence, or they feel like they don’t know enough. Often newbies feel like they havent had success yet so nobody is going to want to join them.


Recruiting Do's

Heres the thing, you build confidence and posture by doing. You will have different levels of people join you at difference levels of your business. So before you go into recruiting, here are a few tips for you. FYI,  these are the exact tips I give my team.

1. First, you need to own it. Take a few minutes to understand the value that your product and opportunity provide. Think about what attracted  you, and read up about the benefits of both your product and opportunity.Document the key things that stand out on on q cards and have them available while you work.

2. People buy you, so brand yourself! Who are you? Why should people want to work with you and your team? How can they benefit? What kind of value do you and your team provide as leaders? You need to write your story and you need to always be sharing this story so you can create relateability and trust.

3. List out the benefits and the problems your product can solve, and consistently create content that speaks to the benefits. Think about when you got started, and the problem you were trying to solve. When I'm talking to someone, I share my story, and I share that I might have a solution to their problem if they're open.

4. Be ok with the fact that not everyone will be open. I don't recommend popping the questions to people who you've not qualified as open. And if they say no, remember that people are not saying no to you, they are saying no to what they don't know is right for them...and that's ok! You cannot take things personally, this is business. Honestly, it would be weird if everyone joined your company. Know that you need people, but you don't need anyone person. Handle the conversation well, and you may end up with a new customer or a great referral partner. So remove yourself from the outcome, because it's not about you. Just focus on the connections, listening for needs, and your daily activity.

5. Be direct, and ask them if they're open. Understand that people don't care about you and your business, they care about how you can help them solve their problems. Here are some examples of how that will look:

Warm Market Recruiting

  • Connect (Hey how have you been?)

  • The reason for my message is...
  • I thought of you because...
  • Would you be open to? (never say interested)
  • Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?

Cold Market Recruiting

Preprofile your new leads, and connect first if you don't know them. I mean, how do you even know you want to work with this person? How do you know if you will jive? We've all had people we wish we wouldn't have signed up! Instead, pay attention to who is paying attention to you…who is liking and commenting on your posts and stories? Who is subscribing to your offers? Then  reach out and simply start a conversation. Ask questions and listen to the person you're connecting with. And see if you can see a need or fit, be direct and ask if they're open.

While I've been speaking directly to active marketing, let's touch briefly on creating valueable content that demonstrates how you can help someone. If you take some time to learn the pain points, desires and needs of your ideal audience (this is the marketing part of network marketing) than you can create content that is compelling rather than convincing. People don't come to social media to be sold to... but speak to their needs and they will buy. Here's a great article that will help with this. The Experts Guide to Creating Compelling Content

My Recruiting Story

I was with a company for 6 years, and for 4 of those years I was stuck. I  was unhappy doing home presentations (workshops, parties, whatever), hotel meetings, and being rejected by my leadership every time I suggested social media as a means of building my business. I was told not to reinvent the wheel, to book my calendar and that the grass is green where you water it. I looked around at the leaders in my company and the lifestyle they had, and I realized this wasn't where I wanted to be in 5 years or 10 years, still out nights and weekends in my car and away from my family hustling. 

I went online for answers to my problem, and I invested 100's of 1000's of dollars in my own training. I committed to mastering this whole online thing. In that time, I found some incredible mentorship and the only reason I was having any success in my company was because of the training I was receiving outside my company. Things changed over time, and I realized I was really unhappy and unaligned with my current circumstances. After a year or so of following and connecting with my now mentor,  I reached out to him and said I was looking for a change.

Here's the thing you guys, he did exactly what I am teaching you here. He created valuable content that spoke to my pain points and my desires for the business I wanted to have. He connected personally when I engageg in his content, and in everything he did he was connecting with me as another human and someone I knew I could trust. He never pitched me or asked me to look at his business, because when we initially spoke he sensed I was happy with my current situation. And at that time I was, but a year later, things looked different for me and he was the leader I could relate to and who I knew would help me get to where I wanted to go. He demonstrated what working with him would look like, and that is why we have one of the largest organizations and teams of key leaders in our profession.

Recruiting other Network Marketers

And lastly, lets address recruiting people from other companies. First let's look at the facts..did you know that network marketers join an average of 7 companies before they find the one that is the fit for them? I shopped with 2 which I never committed to as a business, and I am currently building my 2nd company and finally feel like I am home. So although I don't think it's cool to try and poach people from other companies intentionally and persuade them to take a look at what you're doing, there are going to be people who want to lock arms with you and that is their choice. 

I can tell you that there are many people very unhappy in their current situation and it's important to share your story authentically and honestly, because people need your message, and you might be able to help someone out who is stuck like I was and looking for a way out. I was tired of spending so much time and money to build my business, and not have any support. But poaching and prospecting from other companies because you want to recruit up and have quick success, that's not going to give you longevity in your business. If people are easily persuaded to join you, they will be easily persuaded to leave you. Look, we all think our company is the best company. But the truth is, there are alot of great companies, with great products and great people. It's not about being the best, but about finding what is the best for you and creating your tribe. 


Did this help you? Do you have a friend who would get some VALUE from this? Please share the love. The more we raise the bar on how we do business on social, the better of an experience it's going to be for everyone. xo Johanna

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