Branding Vs Business: How to grow both using social media.

Branding vs Business

Personal branding..we hear these words all the time, but what do they mean? How does personal branding bring us business and help us close more sales or recruit people into our business? One of the women I work with inside our network marketing company says all the time "You weren't born to blend in, you were born to stand out." I want you to think about Apple for a minute. When you think about Apple, are you thinking about the difference devices they sell, or do you think about the experience they create. When you visit their website you will see words like

  • Brilliant in every way
  • Innovative with more performance
  • Effortless and magical
  • All new for a better you

They are consistent in their branding, packaging and innovation of new products. And they are consistent in their story which makes them unique. They are one of a kind and so they stand out. 

Branding You Inc

As a social marketer, distributor, are competing with everyone in your market, even with people in your own company. Why should someone buy from you, rather than another direct sales company? Why should someone join you vs someone they know who is with the same company you represent? Why should someone follow you? What will they get by subscribing to your page or following your posts?

Do you see why personal branding is so key? It's what seperates you from everyone else, and makes you stand out in a noisy market place. So instead of being a walking billboard for your company, spamming people's inbox, cold messaging strangers and getting unfriended and unfollowed like most people, develop the skill of personal branding. Learn how to demonstrate who you are by being you, giving value and giving love. 

Personal Branding 101

Let's practice creating your brand with this simple exercise by answering these questions

  • What defines you as a person that people want to associate themselves with?
  • What do you stand for?

I want you to grab a pen and paper and jot down 25 words that come to mind that describe you. This could be your personality, your passion, your skills, hobbies  the things that bring you joy and why you are so passionate about what you do. Just let that pen flow.

I want you to take the top 5 topics you wrote down and these are going to be your brand pillars. Sure you can create subtopics around this, but everything you post should align with your pillars. 



Personal Branding: Passive Marketing

Now I want you to commit to showing up every day and posting 2-3 times each day about your pillars. Not more and not less, and you need to spread these posts out over the day. Always aim to inspire, educate, and entertain. And you don't have to be an expert on any one topic to post or go live...just focus on your pillars.

If you're like me and always have ideas for posts, take it behind the scenes and post these in stories. These can be a short video story, your workout for the day, your meals, a picture of what you're working on. If you want to crush stories, post 6 times per day throughout your day and share with your audience what you're up to. And make sure you mix it up. You can use quotes, take polls, use text, photos, and video. The more you mix it up the more interesting your feed will be for your audience.

Now for building trust, posting is only a small part of this. Sure it's fine for people who know you outside of social media, but if you want to generate new leads and have strangers build trust with you, you're gonna have to step it up. You know I'm going to recommend doing live video, because it is the quickest way to build credability with cold leads who've never met you. This is how you're going to stand out the most. I recommend to my team they go live atleast 1-3 times per week, but ofcourse it depends on how hungry they are to create results. Not everyone on my team goes live, but the ones who do have much greater results. 

Personal Branding: Active Marketing

In addition to going live, and especially if you're not going live, you need to be connecting 1 on 1 with people in messenger. I recommend starting 5-10 new conversations each day, and getting to know your followers and new friends. This does not mean trying to recruit or sell to each person you are connecting with, but when you connect personally as a human, everything else you do on social media has an increased value.

Remember that business is about relationships, and people will go where they have the relationship and who they think of first. So posting and connecting is the best way to stay top of mind. And if you really want to ramp it up with meeting new people and bringing in leads, find 2-3 facebook groups that are based on topics you have a passion for. Hop into these groups twice a week and share some value, or give a tip. Spend 10 minutes a few times per week answering questions and commenting on people's posts. 

Personal Branding: Put it into action

So this is how you brand yourself and build relationships, and you want to be spending 80% of your time doing this. Money follows eyeballs, so you need to get eyeballs on your content. This is a people business, but it's also a numbers game. 20% of the time, you want to create curiosity about your business. So for every 6 posts you post, you can share a curiosity post about your business...whether it's the product, the opportunity or a service. Some good ways to create curiosity are to share education, share testimonials, and share stories and experiences that lead to your people wanting to know more. Don't give it all away too soon! Here is a quick formula you can follow to create curiosity: Give gratitude, share the pain point, and how your solution helped you. Then offer a call to action to learn more about the solution.

  • Find people to talk to who have similar interests and personality traits to leaders in your profession.
  • Actively reach out to those people and start the conversation. Download my Free Prospecting Guide
  • Find the need or pain point - Predict their desires
  • Exhibit confidence in your communication and then use a tool to share the information
  • Follow up and Close

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