Influencer Marketing: The secret to creating BIG success online

Let's talk about what being an influencer really means. How do you create influence, particularly when it comes to building an online brand. Now if you're in business, you need to have a brand, and whether you are intentionally creating a brand or not, you have one. Your brand is your reputation, its how people view you. And if you've been posting anything online, even if you aren't posting about your business, you've branded yourself. So it's really important that we understand how this works so we can showcase and represent our best selves, but also serve our audience and influence our network.

Developing the Influencer Mindset

First of all, never discount a small audience. We all start somewhere, and if you have strong influence, you can go far even with a small but loyal audience. And a loyal audience served well will build your circle of influence for you. 

Honour the struggle. Learning new strategies and knowing what, how and when to implement can feel confusing and hard. This is especially true when you're first getting started and you feel like there are a million things to do. Learn to embrance the learning curve and the suck of suckville. We all go through it. Don't wish it was easier, strive to be better. 

Be ok with where you're starting. Everyone starts at the beginning and it's ok to not know everything. Life and business is a life long learning journey, so fall in love with the process. 

Nurture, care for and  love your tribe. Think about ways that you can provide them with value, inspire them, bring joy and entertain. Think about ways you can make people feel included and share the journey with them. Strive to be of service each day, and that mindset will carry you far.

Focus on the long game. It's easy to get caught up in the outcome, but that will only distract you from the action you need to take to bring you closer to goals. Always keep the big picture in mind, and know that being an entrepreneur is different than being an employee. You will not be rewarded immediately for every action, but you will be rewarded so much more over time if you commit to your vision.

Be with the person you're trying to serve. Don't try to please everyone, it's simply not possible. So be clear on  your message and know who that message is for. This is the only way to grow a sustainable tribe of people who will trust you and follow you. It's better to have a smaller circle of the right people than a huge audience who can't understand or relate to your message. Ask questions, answer questions, and be fully present in every action you take. If you're struggling with your message or understanding what your brand is, Download My FREE Social Media Guide

Don't compare yourself to others. This is only going to distract you from being the best you and showing up authentically. An original is always better than a copy. People can tell when you're being unauthentic, so don't try to fake it till you make it. Just show up, honesty is always the best policy. When you are authentically you, you have no competition.

The lifecycle of your business as an influencer

There are 5 phases to the lifecyle of an entreprenuer. And here's the thing...we all go through them if we stay in the game and committ to the activity we need to do to build it big.

Learning Phase: When we are fresh, we are learning more than we are earning. Success has a price, and the rent is due every day. In the beginning it's all about the investments of time and money, and it might feel like it's not worth it, but one day you will be suprised how much you are worth.

Building Phase: This is where you know enough or have implemented enough of what you've learned to create momentum. I always recommend to start building before you are ready...the best learning is by doing, and the people who create success the quickest are the ones who take action. Don't get caught up in Analysis paralysis. Be an action taker, especially if you want to create results fast.

Growing Phase: This is where you've created momentum and you might be a bit tired and want to take your foot off the gas. I don't recommend it. Sure you can let off the gas a little bit, but not completely if you want to continue seeing growth. You're still building, but your results are coming quicker and your efforts are more effective.

Efficiency Phase: This is where your business becomes a bit of a fine oiled machine. You know exactly what to do, your productivity is spot on, and you're ROI is strong. You've fine tuned your daily method of operation and you might even be ready to start implementing new strategies and expanding your offerings to scale your business. 

Mastery: This is a point in which most people think when they get started that they'll stop working and just live off of what they've built. But from what I've seen, when you reach mastery, your work is just beginning. You love your work so much that you want to teach your success to others. This is where passion has turned to purpose and instead of arriving, you evolve. You have more so that you can create more and serve more. This is a beautiful place to be.

Building your brand as an influencer

I want to share a few more tips when it comes to the action steps. Frequency and originality are key in this fast paced and ever changing market place. A lot of people ask me if I think the market is too saturated. Here is my response: Stay true to your message. Sure there are many people offering similiar products and services, but your personality and your perspective are what make you stand out. But in order for people to find you, you've got to be visible often.

Show up every day and focus on what your audience needs rather than sharing what you have. No one cares about what you do, they only care about how it can benefit them. Don't discount your own voice. The same message can sound competely different coming from you than it does coming from me. Share your acheivements and strengths in your stories, and share your struggles and how you over came them. Always weave your story into your content and your conversations. Someone somewhere needs to hear your lessons and know that you care about their needs.

Content Plan for Influencers

Create a new piece of content every day and show up for your audience. Create a big piece of content like a video or blog post atleast once a week and cross post and repost your content on multiple platforms leading back to your email list. It's ok to go back and repost or share your previous content each month as you will have new viewers and ofcourse your current audience won't see everything you post. And lastly, create a network of other like minded entrepreneurs to share eachothers content and businesses. You can invite guest bloggers to write for you, do a live interview broadcast, or cross promote eachothers offers. This is a great way to get infront of new audiences. 

  • Being relateable will attract people to your brand
  • Inspire people. Everyone needs a pick me up
  • Make your audience feel included and engaged
  • People want to feel like they belong to a community
  • People want to feel supported. Share tips and education
  • People love to be entertained (this is why cat videos are so popular) Share interesting topics or entertaining viral videos
  • People want to feel happy, so show up and be positive
  • Share your priorities. People like to feel aligned with like minded people

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