Top tips to rock your engagement with Facebook Live!

I could give you a dozen reasons why Facebook live is a strategy you should be using for your business. With the amount of people wanting to build a business online, it's so key for you to use the strategies that are relevant to today. There are over 2 billion people on Facebook, and there is only so much room in the newfeed. If you want to cut through the noise and grow your audience, you have to step out and up to using this tool.

Not only does Facebook Live have way more reach than a regular post, but people love video as much as they love reality TV. Therefore, live video allows them to connect with a real person and it makes you trustworthy and relateable. Ofcourse the key is to make sure that what you're delivering is of value.  It also allows you to serve more people with the click of a button and than archive and repurpose your content for multiple platforms. 

Facebook Live Content

Understandably, alot of people have a fear around public speaking and doing video. I was one of those people! But what I realized was that I had a message to share, and I knew I wanted to make a difference. So if I wanted people to hear my message I was going to have to be more visible. As much as I had a fear of what others would think or how I would sound, I knew my mission was worth it. And the best way for me to get over myself was to think about the value I was providing in my content. 

I give a lot in my content, because that is just how I roll. Although I'm not the best in my profession (yet),  I can outteach most leaders. Going live increases your engagement and viewers which will grow your audience. We all know that money follows eyeballs. More importantly, live video is how you develop trust, loyalty, friendship, and meet people who want to be connected to you because they can see how you can help them! So think about ways that you can deliver value to your audience that will make you stand out. What do you have to offer? Is there a topic you are passionate about that gets you fired up?

Facebook live topics

facebook live
  • Train on an area of expertise and edcuate your leads about what they need to do to create success
  • Behind the scenes or a day in the life of
  • Personal Interests or storys
  • Q& A Sessions
  • Interviews
  • Live events
  • Tutorials or presentations
  • Personal Development and motivational videos

Facebook Live Outline

For your Facebook Live, choose a topic you can cover in about 10 minutes or so. You always want to begin with the end goal in mind. What is it you want your viwers to do?

  • Join your group?
  • Visit your blog? 
  • Sign up for your newsletter?
  • Reach out to you for more information?

Then you’ll want to write a “script” to keep yourself on track. I recommend scripting out the following topics and repurposing this outline every time you go live.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Background how to connect with you
  • Engage your viewers
  • New, Replay
  • Tell them what to expect
  • Ask a question, tell them how they'll benefit from watching
  • Deliver content
  • Value you promised
  • Recap content
  • Summarize
  • Answer questions and ask for responses
  • Close with a powerful CTA
  • Thank them by name, appreciate their time, know how to reach you to get more information
facebook live


Its so key to remember, that like anything, going live is a new skillset. Like any skillset it can be learned, and the more consistent you are, the better you will get. Being prepared for what to say and having notes on hand is key. Knowing which day you are going live and having your set up ready to go will lower your resistance. Just think of video as part of the job description. If your boss told you to go make a video, would you? And what would happen to your job if you didn't?


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facebook live

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