4 skills you must master to create success in your home business

Skill #1: Connection
Network marketing, and pretty much every business, is not so much about who you know, but who you’re willing to meet. You cannot build a business on your warm network, you must expand beyond that. And once you master meeting people, you need to get into the habit of adding these people to your contact list, connecting with them, building trust, and staying on top of mind. To truly connect to people and create an audience and following, you need to be able to bring value to peoples lives. You need to create an interest and likability factor. This is what becomes your brand, and the feelings people associate with when they think of you.

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Skill #2: Listening
Ditch the pitch! its not about you, its not about your perfected elevator pitch. People want to connect with you! People desire connection, and when you meet someone and you show a genuine interest in them and what they do, and you look for how you can serve them - rather then creating expectations about how they can serve you...you will build stronger connections. But that comes from listening more then you speak. It comes from learning how to ask questions and how to be more interested than interesting. When you ask questions, people will open up and tell you their entire life story, and they will likely tell you about their needs, and this is where you can ask permission to offer them a solution. Real sales, done properly, is about filling needs, not pushing stuff on people when they have no interest.

Skill #3: Inviting
A lot of people think that network marketing is about selling. Well first off, no business can exist without the selling factor. That would be called volunteering. But its not about being good at selling or closing, its about getting good at inviting people to take a look at what you do, or inviting them into your world. Its about inviting people to events so they get a chance to get to know you better. Its about inviting them to read your blog, like your Fan Page, join your Facebook group. The better you get at the personal invitation, and making people feel special, the better results you will have in all areas of you life.


Skill #4: Follow up
So now that you’ve connected, you’ve heard their need, you’ve offered a solution by inviting them to take a look at your business. Do you know that 70% of people are not ready to invest in your product or service the moment they learn about it. Here is where most people make the biggest mistake; they assume that no means no forever, but often, no means not right now. If you’re in a smart business that offers solutions to multiple needs, there will likely come a time where this person will need you. So don’t write them off at the first no. Fortune is in the follow up, so you need to have a system for keeping in touch with people, being part of their lives, making them feel important, and to continue inviting them to see what you offer. Keep that relationship open, because even if you are not the right fit for this person, you need to understand the value of your network. The people you know, know people you don't know, and if you handle their no the right way while still nurturing the relationship, they might be the person who introduces you to your next ace business partner, or your next top client. Never underestimate the importance of follow up and building a strong network. Don't have a follow up system in place?

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