Secrets to building and growing your network marketing business online.

Do you ever sit at your desk and wonder what the hell building an online business really means? Do you struggle with what to say, where to look for leads, how to promote your products or services to your network, or even understand what internet marketing really looks like? Well you’re not alone. Chances are you’ve either been taught methods that are ineffective or you haven’t been taught, and you are just throwing you know what at the wall in hopes that it will stick!


Let me share with you what I see happening on the daily with the rise of entrepreneurs on social media. There are 2 things I see every day, people who take their business seriously and are properly branding and marketing themselves, and people who take their business seriously, but are using social media to sell to their audience every day. You would not believe the number of messages I get from people (often in my niche) who “randomly” spam me with their business opportunity or products, thinking they are sending me a unique message that I’ve never seen before, and yet, if they’d done their research or taken the time to get to know me, they would know they are selling up the wrong tree. People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to.



I want you to imagine for a moment that Your Facebook Profile or your Instagram is like a party and all your friends are there. You show up to the party, and before you even say hello to anyone, or introduce yourself, you start pitching everyone you walk up to and start shouting at the top of your lungs your special offer for the week. What kind of response do you think you would get?

This is what is happening every single day when business owners are posting sales posts on social media, pushing their products and services on people, and sending uninvited promotional emails. Its actually a disrespect to the people in your network, and creates an immediate wall between you and them.

What if, instead of pushing people away from you and your business, you could pull them in closer to you? What if you could have people reaching out to you about your products or service? What if you could attract people to you every single day by being an authority and by offering value in the market place around what you do. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be viewed as an expert?

So yes, I understand that initially it can take a mindset shift to really understand how you can create an income if you’re not selling your stuff to people. That’s why Im going to leave you some incredible resources below that I used to not only grasp the concept of how this whole internet marketing thing actually works, but tools you can use immediately to start changing how you approach your online business.


Personal Branding StrategyLearn More

Do you feel like you’re running your business or that your business is running you? Does it feel like every time  you hop on social media there is more competition in your niche, and you feel pressured to push harder to grow your business so you can stand out? Maybe you’re just tired of the way you were taught to build a business, and it doesn’t resonate with you. That’s how I felt, which is why I created this simple Strategy to help you discover your strengths and why people should do business with  you.

Attraction Marketing FormulaLearn More

Are you ready to kick rejection to the curb and learn how to attract the right people into your business? Discover the reasons you may be struggling to grow your online business, and how with a simple mindset shift and approach to your strategy, you can start generating more leads and start feeling positive and excited about your business.

Branding through BloggingLearn More

If you’re looking to build your brand through Blogging, but really not sure where to get started, this is the exact blueprint I used to not only build my blog, but to also uncover my message, who my target is, how I can serve them. This course also walks you through the exact steps you need to set up and promote your blog. I was able to implement this system in less then 3 days and use my blog to become an authority in my niche and industry.

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screenshot-2016-11-22-15-07-59Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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I teach entrepreneur minded professionals how to create abundance of time, freedom, health, and financial security. I have a multi faceted business in the Health and Wellness Niche, and my specialty is in online marketing and simple social media strategies.

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