My Top Tips for Success through Reflection and Goal Setting.

2017. New page. Fresh slate. The next chapter.

What is it about a new year that gets us so excited to put the old one behind us? Is a new year going to change everything? If you had a good year, you might think, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and maybe even more of that. Or maybe you won’t think you need to think anything at all. If you had a bad year, you might think...well thank goodness 2016 is over, this year has to be better than the last. Or you might think, what can I do different this year that will help my life become better?

Well what I know about years, is they come in ebbs and flows, and they don’t get easier, but we get better...if we choose to. I’m not talking about new year’s resolutions here, because those are usually made in the heat of the moment after way too much champagne, and the pressure of those around you. I’m talking about intention, reflection, and mapping it out. I’m talking about making a plan and then taking inspired action every day so that this year really will be better than the last. Its about learning from last years mistakes and struggles, so they can become this year’s strengths and triumphs.

I have been developing some rituals and systems for my life throughout the year of 2016, and one of those rituals is about how I will celebrate each year’s accomplishments, how I will reflect on what worked, what didn’t? Where did I fail, and where did I thrive? What were some of the things I tried that I’ll never try again, and what were some of the things I wanted to try that I will implement this year? And I’m not talking about just in my business...I am talking about in my life...because lets face it, those of us who want to live BIG, we are building and growing a business so we can enjoy our lives and create more freedom. We have to make sure our focus isn’t just on making a living. Resolutions and Vision boards are great, but I think another 365 pages deserves time dedicated to reflection and planning, not just hoping and dreaming.

This passed year for me was really about setting some strong boundaries around what I really want and how I can manifest it. It was about getting clear, decluttering my life, cleansing my body, and building a strong foundation in my personal life so I could show up bigger and brighter! I have detoxed every part of my life in 2016, and that in 2017 there is only space for what I truly desire….only my burning desires. Decluttering my life has allowed me to see a clearer vision of what I want, and it’s enabled me to have laser focus in how I am going to achieve it. I didn’t get here all alone...I surrounded myself with and business coaching, clinical counselling, acupuncture and energy work, other business owners I admire, conferences, masterminds, and group workshops. But I also did the work...journaling, reading, seeking, yoga, clean eating, and being present in my experience through this journey of transformation. As a result, I feel empowered to listen to that inner voice that says, “You’ve done the work. You’ve got this!”

I’d like to share with you a few strategies I’ve implemented to start my new years off with a ‘clean slate’, but also continue on this beautiful journey towards greater fulfillment. This is a routine I use quarterly that has becoming a healthy habit for me. And it's our habits and how we manage our time that make the biggest difference when it comes to getting results. Download this FREE worksheet below to reflect on how you spent your time last year, and how you can improve your systems and process this year to set you up for bigger success.

Create healthy habits for the new year

Download this FREE worksheet to create reflect on your current habits, systems, and processes. Wouldn't you love to come into a New Year with clarity and a plan for action? Let me help you by giving you this FREE guide.

Creating space in my personal Life.

1. Declutter.
Do you ever find it difficult to focus on the bigger things when your personal life is chaotic and unorganized. It’s very challenging to move forward when you feel overwhelmed by your physical environment. I am someone who runs a highly organized home, makes lists, and routinely schedules my life’s chores. It’s hard for me to sit still or even relax if there is stuff that needs to be done around me. So I remove anything material from my life that could cause me to feel overwhelmed, anxious, I don't have space for things that create negative feelings or emotions, or that don't serve a purpose in my life. This is everything from clothing, decor, office stuff, clutter, paper work, gifts or purchases that carry a negative connotation. I tidy through my cupboards and make sure anything old, or that is not being used is repurposed to someone who can use it, and ensure that everything has a home and a place. This order brings clarity to my thoughts, it’s only takes a little time in the grand scheme of things, and it allows me to focus on more important tasks. Getting rid of the old creates space for the new.

So now that you've got some space to think, it's time to reflect on the past year. What goals did you set last new year’s for your life and business? Which ones did you accomplish and in what areas of your life? What was disappointing? What would you like more of in your life, where can you gain more balance, and more fulfillment? And most of all, what will you say no to this year, so you can say yes to more of the things really want? 

Ok so now you know what you want, but how do you get it? YOU have to map it out. Starting with the end in mind, and working backwards through the steps to make sure you have an outline that will help you achieve your goals and desires. I have a system for almost everything, especially my business, so that things can flow. In my day to day life, my system is about daily habits, stacked and scheduled one after another. It’s my routine. It makes it easy for my whole family to get on the same page.

So for example, on Sundays evenings I plan my week, Mondays are for errands, Tuesdays I create my blogs, Wednesdays I promote my blog, and each time every day I have a power hour to connect with my clients, follow up with new potential clients and business partners, and connect with my team. So because I know what happens when, I know where I can fit the tasks to reach my goals.

As my business and my family grow and change, I have to make adjustments to this plan now and again, but that is what monthly and weekly planning time is for. The start of the year is to map out what I want to accomplish for the next 365 days, define a system and schedule how I will accomplish it and make sure I am finding fulfillment in all areas of my life.

Don't forget to take time to reflect and make some choices around what you will say yes to and what you will say no to! Here's a fantastic article I wrote: My 4 step Process to setting goals and achieving them.

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I've put together some of my favourite resources that I personally used to improve my daily habits in 2018, and these are tools I will cherish and take with me throughout my journey because they have made that much of a difference.

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Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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