How to grow your following and get more leads on Instagram right now.

What if you could grow a huge following of potential customers on Instagram every single day in just 20-30 minutes? I’m going to share with you my “keep it simple” secrets to what i do each day to get a minimum of 20 new organic followers on every post, multiple times per day.

First of all, think about your brand. Instagram is like a vision board of who you are and what you do. You need to think about the message you want to put out there, and make sure that your images align with your message. You need to be walking the walk, not just talking the talk, and you need to be real so that people can build trust with you. I don’t want to connect with people who have too many posts trying to sell me their products, people who brag about making a lot of money, but their images don’t match up, or people who don’t display an image of the kind of values I am looking for and who I want to connect with in life and on social. You have to remember that social media is about connections and relationships. If you don’t use it properly, you will waste your time on here.

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One you have your brand and your name, decide if you will use a personal or business account. I prefer business because I’m able to review my stats and promote posts. It just gives me more capability. You can change this in your settings.

Time to clean up your description! I prefer to use 1 line to personally describe me, one line to describe what I’m about or who I’m looking for, and one call to action (or free offer of value).

There are a few different calls to action. You can move people to your Facebook page, but I prefer moving them to a group where you offer value and tips on your expertise, or move them to a free offer where they can subscribe to what you’re offering, and you can build a relationship with them through email, and then you can invite them to connect with you on your other platforms. If you’re in Direct Sales, you can consider using a form where you can get more info about their personal needs and send them a free sample of your product, or invite them to review a video of what you do. This is great for anyone who doesn’t have a blog, or isn’t ready to create an automated email system. I use Fiitfu for my team forms, so they can make sure they are capturing leads and moving their potential clients to a next. Don’t forget to include the link to where you’re going to send them next in your description!

Ok so now that you have the foundation for your posts, you want to research keywords that you can use in hashtags. If you are looking to connect with more people on Instagram and grow a large audience, #YOUMUSTUSEHASHTAGS! I prefer a mix of popular hashtags that big influencers use, and those that are not as popular so there is less competition and more diversity. I keep my hashtags in an Evernote Notebook on my phone and desktop so I can easily copy and paste the ones that align with my posts and my accounts.


Bonus Tip 1: Lastly! Remember how I said social media is about connection? Well you need to spend some time connecting to other people. It’s not just about what you post (and by the way, make sure your posts create some value for your audience) but it’s about sharing the IG love. Go to your timeline and click some hearts! Comment on other people’s posts, follow a few new accounts each day. Make new friends and have conversations!

Bonus Tip 2: Use an app to create your own desirable images. Pick a theme colour to stick to or use lifestyle photos, and then add your favourite quotes or tips, and make sure you brand them with your name and logo! When you put love into your posts & you give great value, not only will you make a bigger impact, but your audience will mention you, share you, and you will grow your brand and your list. Check out my Canva tips so you can reuse the same template over and over with your desired fonts and images ( I am all about time leverage and efficiency!) 


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Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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