What is the number 1 thing that will contribute to your success in Network Marketing?

I was thinking to myself, what is the most valuable thing I have done to create success in my home business? I think some people come into this business with the right mindset and the right skill set, but that was not me. Yes I had a background in Marketing, I had experience in Event Management, but I came into Network Marketing to build a global empire online, and I had work to do. The strategies that your company and leaders teach, they do work, and that is how I got started, but then I got stuck. I didn't have the time it took to go out and pound the pavement while my 2 babies were home. We didn't have family members around who could come and take over for me. I was often away, spending hours traveling for events, and I just kept thinking to myself, there has to be a better way that I can make this work for me. I wanted to not just find success, but enjoy the process. So I started researching and I started learning the ins and outs of social media & internet marketing for network marketers. I started to teach it to my team, and even the people who had quit came back, curious to learn how I was building my business and keen to get started again. If you don't teach your teams how to build an online business, they will quit and find someone who will, or they will have to take the time required to seek out and learn the right skill set. 

Invest in Your Home Business

If you don't invest in your business, how can you expect anyone else to? You have to become a product of your product, create stories and testimonials that will grow your reputation and create a strong referral system. Investing in your product line shows people you are committed to your business. I would never whip out a lipstick from another company when my company has the best products on the market, because it doesn't reflect my belief in what I put my name on. You have to be at your annual meetings, and you have to make trainings within your business a priority. Even though I don't believe in posting your companies brand on your social media, you still have to know the ins and outs of what makes your company so competative in the market place. Why should people join your company vs any other company? And you need to be arround success and hear the stories of those who have gone before you. Don't have 1 foot out the door, because you will never find success unless you are in it to win it.

Invest in Your Education

Books: Not a day goes by where I'm not reading a book to help me grow as a leader and as the best version of myself. Im not big on skillset books, and I prefer to read books that are about mindset and how to implement positive thought patterns and habits. A few of my favourite books are The 7 Decisions, Think and Grow Rich for Women (or The orginal by Napolean Hill), and The Compound Affect. I would say these 3 are an amazing starting point and have had a huge influence on my life and how I do business. 

Workshops, Conferences, and Networking Events: These are an incredible way to connect and learn from others, come away inspired with new strategies and tools to grow your business, new referral partners and often new clients. The memories you create and the practice of growing with others is beyond valuable and every time you attend you think nothing will top it, and then the next one goes and blows your mind! 

​Courses: There are many lives courses you can attend, but it can also be beneficial to invest in online courses that you can learn on your own time and it can often be more cost affective then a life event. If you're in a home business, or any business really, I recommend attending courses for Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Email Marketing, and Blogging. These skills are so valuable and can transfer into any business venture you pursue. You can find links to some of my favourite courses in the resource section below. 

Time: Now there are 2 ways to look at time. For one, time is precious and time is money. If you can pay someone to help you move along further and quicker in your business, your money becomes an investment. For instance, you work full time, you're a parent, and you're building a home business in the nooks and crannies of your life. Hire a professional cleaner, put money in someone elses pocket, and use that time to invest in your business. It will pay off. Or you can spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do it yourself, or you can just fork over the money to have a professional teach you or do it for you, and in the process you can focus on making money in your business. 

But there are other ways you need to also invest your time, and in the start of your business, you have to realize this is not the trading time for money type of transaction as it is in a job. You invest time upfront to build relationships, create value, share your products and services, learn, implement, and market your business.​ And if you're consistent and affective, willing to learn and willing to fail, you're home business will pay off much greater then any job can give you. When you invest in yourself, Brand YOU, you are creating a life of unlimited possibility, freedom and financial security. And with the resources we have today, there is NO reason why not anyone can do this.


Social Media Guide – Learn More

Do you feel like you’re running your business or that your business is running you? Does it feel like every time you hop on social media there is more competition in your niche, and you feel pressured to push harder to grow your business so you can stand out? Maybe you’re just tired of the way you were taught to build a business, and it doesn’t resonate with you. That’s how I felt, which is why I created this simple Strategy to help you discover your strengths and why people should do business with you. This is the strategy I used to grow a strong presence on social media to get people reaching out to me, and Im giving it to you for FREE. 

Attraction Marketing Formula – Learn More

Are you ready to kick rejection to the curb and learn how to attract the right people into your business? Discover the reasons you may be struggling to grow your online business, and how with a simple mindset shift and approach to your strategy, you can start generating more leads and start feeling positive and excited about your business.

Branding through Blogging – Learn More

If you’re looking to build your brand through Blogging, but really not sure where to get started, this is the exact blueprint I used to not only build my blog, but to also uncover my message, who my target is, how I can serve them. This course also walks you through the exact steps you need to set up and promote your blog. I was able to implement this system in less then 3 days and use my blog to become an authority in my niche and industry.

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Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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