10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Attract More Abundance.

The world as we know it is in a transitional period. On the surface it feels as it nothing is the way we once knew it, we feel out of our comfort zones, there is fear of the unknown, uncertainty in what will happen next. Yes it is good to be aware and informed, but also be aware that fear is the greatest tactic to control people, it disempowers us. It distracts us from the bigger picture and keeps us playing small. it makes us feel as if the choices have been made for us and there is nothing we can do about it. Anything we're exposed to for enough time becomes a thought process, a belief system, a story. Action is the only thing that can trump fear and change your story. Change your story, change your life.

At the same time, there are also many wonderful shifts happening in the world. We have a rise of people who recognize the power of taking charge of their own decisions and realize that their lives are a reflection of the choices they make every day. Every habit, every response, every interaction is a conscious or unconscious choice that leads to the next circumstance. Imagine for a moment living in a world where each and every person took personal responsibility for his or her own life, and instead of focusing on the things out of their control, focused on raising their own vibration?

Many people are awakened to the belief of self empowerment, and for those who aren’t, this is the time to wake up!! The world needs your light as much as ever! I feel like we have 2 choices in our lives: To allow fear and what is out of our control to control us, or to raise the vibration, look inward and ask ourselves, "What can I do to make a difference in the world around me?" “How can I be better? And what can I do to make a difference or change the things I do not like?” We cannot change the world, but what if each person worked to make a positive change in themselves?

Sure, Its easier to focus on the problem, especially when it keeps us from having to look inside ourselves, but we need to be focused on seeking the solution. For example, if you’re broke and you focus on being broke and are always scrimping to save your pennies, you will stay broke until you break that pattern, because you’re focused on the problem. But if you focused on the solution, you would be asking yourself, ‘How can I make money?’

I love that saying, You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday. Isn’t it true that we are where we are because of the choices we’ve made, and sometimes we’re thrown off course by other people’s choices in the world we share, but we still have a choice for our next move. Now is not the time to hand over our power, it’s a time to raise it. It’s a time to sink deeper into our purpose and live full out, and the only way we can do that is by raising our vibration.

How do we do that? Well I’ve been reading and studying successful people for quite a few years now, and these are some of the things I noticed they all have in common. Stop looking for happiness and fulfillment outside of yourself, you will have a hard time finding it. Since I started doing my own work, I’ve been implementing some regular practices, and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my results in all areas of my life... from my internal happiness, my relationships, what I’m attracting into my life, and my bottom line.

​1. Journalling. Take a little bit of time each day to write what you’re grateful for. Write down what you’ve accomplished, what you learned from, your goals and affirmations. Talk to your self more then you listen to yourself. I prefer to do this at the start of my day so I control my mind and how my day looks. This is why I rarely have a moment that can ruin my day.

2. ​Have a dance party! Having music playing and getting my body moving while I do the dishes or cook dinner has sparked energy in our whole family. Who doesn’t want to grow up in a family with that kind of happiness.

3. Be still. Whether you want to lie on the floor and listen to music, stare off in thought, meditate, stretch, colour. Whatever it is, take the time to let your mind be still and recharge. I recommend a “no phone time” in the home, and I take at least 1 day where we unplug and just adventure.​ I personally love yoga to still my mind and just be in my body. I sometimes practice with other yogis at my favourite studio, but I also love www.doyogawithme.com for practicing at home. 

​4. Eat Clean. Ever hear that saying, you are what you eat? I believe we are whatever we are filling our body and mind with. Eating clean allows you to have clarity, make better choices, keeps your body healthy so you can have more confidence, more energy and better health. You can grab my Clean Eating Cheat Sheet here with some sample recipes. Try if for a week, see what happens!

5. Meditate. Whether guided or whether you just take time to listen to your breath or take some time to manifest what it is you want, meditation is one habit all successful people share. Light sourcing is a great meditation. Headspace is also a great app for that.

6. Get outside for a walk in nature. Green is the colour of healing. Connecting with nature and the natural earth elements will recharge our energy which we are all made up of. Some of my best ideas come when I’m out on my bike or walking the the forest, not to mention, the energy you gain and the years you can add to your life by getting your heart rate up.​

7. Say NO to the things that drain your energy, so you can say YES to the things that light you up! My motto is, ‘If it’s not a hell yah, then it’s a no!’ My energy is my own, and I will protect the space in which I operate. Ever notice how hard it is to stay positive in a room full of negative people. You are the sum of the 5 friends you spend the most time with, so choose your company wisely. We rise by lifting others, and I want friends who are going to lift me up and who will rise with me.​

8. Read something empowering, positive, and up lifting. I prefer books because there are less distractions. My all time favourite book for raising the bar and taking personal responsibility is The Seven Decisions by Andy Andrews. There are also great blogs and email lists you can subscribe to for a daily dose of awesome. Or you can listen to audio while you’re driving, out for a walk or cleaning the house.

9. Smile, make eye contact, compliment a stranger, make new friends. This morning I was meeting someone at the coffee shop, and while I waited, I met 2 remarkable new people in my community. If I had my head down and was on my phone, I would have missed out on that opportunity. I make it a point to stay off my phone in public places - unless I’m working.

10. Use social media to connect, not just a place to update your status or share the most recent news. Reach out to a friend through social media (or on the phone), and tell them how important they are or what you admire about them. Make a date to go for a bevy. Scroll through your friends facebook timeline, like and comment on something that is important to them. Cheer them on! Share their stuff! And share something empowering on your timeline that you read or experienced that will make a difference in someone’s life. Every single one of us has the ability to inspire someone else. Choose to inspire by raising your vibration and sharing your positive changes!

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Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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