Networking for your business…what most people don’t do that will set you apart from your competition.

In todays post, I’d like to talk to you about the benefits of networking and how you can maximize your time spent by doing it the right way. I decided to speak on this topic because more and more people are getting started in a home business and in the home business niche, and time and time again, I see networking done all wrong. Networking is not in place for people to sell to one another. Its a place to grow your relationships and create value in the market place. We are all here to help one another, so lets get started!

Why is it important? Networking is all about building relationships – building trust and growing relationships. Getting yourself out there and showing people you are serious about your business and sharing your vision. Whether you are growing your business online or off, you need to be growing your network consistently, and you need to be ethical about how you approach networking.


Everything begins with mindset. If you come into networking with the right mindset and expectations, you will do great! What are the reasons that you would want to network and what should you be focusing on in your efforts?

    • Looking for people to do life and business with, not people you want to sell to or pitch your business.
    • Be your authentic self
    • Ask questions and be curious about others. Your business is not about you, its about how you can serve others!
    • Create Value for the people you meet. How can you help them grow their business? Ingrain this question in your brain!

Here are some of my favourite ways to network!

  • is pretty amazing and has events listed for various locations. You can go on and find like minded people instantly. Parenting, Foster parenting, veganism, singles, people that love to travel, you name it – you can find it. And a tip, build a friendship first, please don’t do all the talking, listen and ask questions of your new friend. I typically don’t mention much about my product or opportunity until my 2d or 3rd meeting.
  • Out and About – This is truly such a great way to meet people if you run your errands with a purpose! Wherever you are make it a point to make some new friends. I always make 3 new contacts every time I go out, and I don’t return home until I have made three connections. Now, I have a newborn – so I really go out with purpose. I encourage you to go out focused and with purpose and you can get three new contacts in an 1-2 hours max! Just always be intentional and you got this!
  • Facebook – Facebook has billions of users. Its a great way to meet and connect with new people! Join mom groups, or other groups that are interest to you. Just type in some interest and groups with pop up in the search box. Do not sell or be spammy in these groups. I read posts a few times a day, then respond, I find 1-2 people I have something in common with and make it a point to get to know them and then say “we are so similar, we should totally connect on Facebook! Shoot me a friend request” – I make them friend request me, because then it doesn’t feel like I’m on the prowl. Some of my BEST business builders and customers have come from groups on Facebook!
  • Eventbrite – I love well organized events and workshops that focus on personal development. This is such a great way to really connect with people on a deeper level! The same rules apply as with meetup!

Steps for follow up

  • First of all, set the tone! Ask how they like to be contacted?
  • Who did you have a strong connection with? Reach out to them in the way that they prefer.
  • Invite them to a call or coffee date and learn how you can help each other and spend time connecting.
  • Invite them – if they are curious to learn more about what you do, or you’ve uncovered a need, invite them to an event, invite them to your email list, or your VIP Facebook group.
  • Invite them to other networking events and think of people who you can refer their way.
  • Stay in touch! Think about them and let them know you are thinking about them! This is why Im selective of the people I reach out to, because I want to authentically connect with them!
  • If they have a special need to grow their business, share a resource on your blog, an article you’ve read, or share a contact you have that can help them with their need.

Follow up system

If you are committed to the growth of your business, then you will be committed to the process of networking. I heard this great saying the other day – think of your business like a marriage, you need to be married to the process and to divorce yourself from the outcome. In other words, focus on what you can control, which is the activity!! You cannot control what people will do!

Networking and follow up can become very overwhelming if you don’t have a follow up system in place! I recommend you choose one and stick to it. Alot of people still prefer to use pen and paper or excel and a planner, which is fine if you have a small list, but as you grow, you need a contact management system, and I recommend using an email system that will work for you even when you’re not. We all want to do work once and get paid for our efforts over and over again, and email is one way you can do that.

I use a system for myself and my team called Fiitfu. This is just for our home business. I am experienced with other email platforms such as aweber and mailchimp, but what I love about Fiitfu is that I’ve been able to create email funnels and follow up systems that my entire team can then implement, so they can truely work their business in the nooks and crannies, and save a ton of time and money for growing their business. This is duplication at its finest!  (YES, can you imagine building an additional stream of income and having most of the foundation laid out for you?!?! Thats what happens when you work with me!)

I love this system because you can add your new contacts, schedule the follow up, and each day you just log in to your dash board and you know exactly what you need to do that day! No one falls through the cracks! In our system we schedule up to 7 follow ups minimum, and have a plan for keeping in touch with each person. Why 7 times? Because the people you meet need to be exposed to you and your offer atleast 7 times before they are ready to take a closer look. It takes time to build relationships and trust, and only 30% will be ready to purchase from you the moment you meet, and it may take time for them to refer the right person to you! Each system will look different for each business but the Steps for follow up above is a great place to start!


If you found value in this post, please feel free to share this with someone you know who could benefit from these tips in their business.

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