The reason why you’re not crushing your month-end goals

As you start out your new month, it’s important to reflect first on the actions and results of your previous month. Reflection is how we learn, and how we fine tune our processes to be more effective moving forward. If you are not taking time to assess your business and where it needs improving, it’s going to be challenging for you to obtain better results and become a high performer. Having an amazing month end starts at the beginning of your month, and I’m going to give you some tips on how you can plan it out so you’re not leaving your success to the last minute.

How organized you are will determine how successfully you close your month

The first thing you need to do when you are pushing for goals is to get your mind around the fact that this is a multi million dollar opportunity for you, but if you treat it like a hobby it’s going to pay you like a hobby. Get yourself organized and be the boss you came here to be. Get your list in order, have your tools accessible, and systemize your system in a way that works for you. You should not have to spend a ton of time looking for the information you need to give someone, or wondering what the next step is. For our team we use an external website to keep each step in order, and we have all of our notes and systems systemized in evernote so they can take that information and start making money with it right away.

If you’re not keeping track of your conversations, you’re going to struggle with follow up, which means you will have weak follow through. Weak follow through means a  small return and not hitting the goals you set out for. You need new people funneling into your world all the time, and you need to have a system for building relationships with these people and credibility and likeability. 

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Your month end results are a direct reflection of your ask

And lastly, you need to get your ASK in gear! If you’re not asking people to take a look, if you’re not asking people for the sale, well, it’s going to be very challenging to crush your goals. We all know a goal without a plan and without action is simply a wish. Now here is the kicker! Its actually not about you and your goals, but how many people you can serve. So instead of focusing on how you can win, start focusing on how your team and customers can win. When you help everyone get what they want, you can have everything you want.

So now that I have you in the right frame of mind, let’s talk about what kind of questions you should be asking yourself every month to start crushing your goals!

Take a few minutes to reflect on what last month looked like

  • What worked well for me and what didn't?

  • What can I do differently or better to improve my results?

  • How can I scale my results?

What do you want this month to look like? What are your goals?

  • Write it down and make sure you have it posted where you can see it multiple times a day. I like to have mine on a blue index card and in affirmation style

  • Book a check-in with your mentor to make sure the goals you have outlined and the time you have to work your business are aligned. Not that you should have reasonable dreams, but if you are limited by time, your actions will be limited, and so will your results. It’s important to have realistic expectations of what it’s going to take to make this goal happen

How are you going to acheive the goals you've set this month?

  • How many new people do you plan to meet this month?
  • How many people will you invite to take a look at your presentation?
  • Who do you need to follow up with?
  • Who are you asking to take a look at your business or products?
  • Who are you working closely with on your team to help them in their business?
  • How are you growing yourself personally and professionally?

When are you going to do the activities you need to rock your monthly goals?

month end
  • When are you reaching out to people
  • When are you networking to meet new people and what is your strategy?
  • When are you getting your prospects infront of your presentation?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you connecting with your team?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you following up?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you posting on social media?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you engaging your audience on social media?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you going live to deliver value to your audience?
  • Calendar Check
    When are you helping new team members get started?

This business does not happen by chance, it happens by intention. You need to set your intentions and than you need to carve out the time you’re going to put these action steps in place. Maybe you only have 30 minutes at a time to take on a task...decide what will be happening in that 30 minute time block. And here’s the thing, you can’t do some of this and expect results. This is not an either or business. You have to do the tasks required to create success. So make time for each of these areas per week, and watch that consistent action build month after month into amazing results.

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