How to Rock your Network Marketing Business with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an incredible way to build and duplicate success in Network Marketing, but most people aren't using groups to fully maximize their potential. Many of you have now heard of the ATM system by now, and in today's episode I'm covering why this strategy is so powerful and how to properly lead your prospects through the process.

Ok first of all what is the ATM system? This acronym stands for Add Tag and Message. Simple right? Yes, but you need to slow the roll a bit. You don't want to just be adding a bunch of people to your groups and tagging them in posts. Every process first begins with a conversation. And ideally that conversation begins with valuable content that converts, and then moves into a conversation lead with qualifying questions to uncover your prospects needs. 

When they relate to your content they will open up to you and share their struggles and this is not a time for you to talk, but a time to actively listen to what they have to say and learn how you can help them.  This is a great time to relate to them with your own story, the similar struggles you had and how this product really helped you solve your common problem. This is how sales works in the ideal world. Your prospects have problems, and you have solutions to their problems. But you always lead with your story, being a human first and a marketer second. Your prospects can feel that energy exchange and sense when you really care about helping them vs seeing them as a number or seeing a dollar sign on their head.

Once you've had a chance to have that conversation you can then lead them through your selling process, letting them know what they next step is going to be. That's when you let them know you're going to add them to this incredible group and you're going to share with them some videos that are going to show them the solution to their problems. Here you are only want to be selling the group, and getting them excited to view the info and the other stories. Let them know how long it's going to take them to watch the videos and set a time to follow up. Allow the tools, exposure, and the social proof within your group do most of the heavy lifting for you while you continue to build the relationship and learn how you can serve them.

It's important to understand that the ATM system is more then just a selling tool. This is a sales funnel, which allows your prospects exposure to your products and services. Most people you meet won't be ready to buy from you the moment you meet them, in fact 70% aren't ready to buy and they need to be exposed to your brand at least 7 times. Lucky for you with social media, and with facebook groups, they have more exposure without you having to call or message them 7 times to stay top of mind.

You can watch the full video for some verbiage to guide them through this process and get some examples of how this can work best for you. Make sure you also download my Free Facebook Group PDF to learn what type of Facebook groups you should create, how to set up your Facebook groups, and what type of content to create.

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  1. Do we create our own group? Or are we adding groups? If I create my group how do I start getting people to join my group?

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