Building your Network Marketing Business through other people’s Facebook Groups

Are you struggling to grow your network on social media? Are you in a lot of Facebook groups but you're not generating any results or getting new leads. Do you find you're not really sure what to say about your business or what to share inside the group? Well you're not alone. Most people aren't using Facebook groups to the best of their ability and could actually be harming their business and wasting their time. So let's solve that in today's episode.

Building inside of Facebook groups is a brilliant strategy especially if you feel like you don't have a lot of support within your network, a large network or if you live in a small community. In person networking events can be very time consuming and costly, and at this current time as I publish this, most of the world is on lock down so in person events are not even possible. 

A lot of what you know about offline networking can be applied online, as long as you recognize that networking opportunities are not selling opportunities. People do not come to social media to be sold to, they come to connect, be entertained and get information. So if you can shift your mindset that marketing is all about educating, inspiring, and entertaining...and that sales come from marketing and conversations, you'll see very different results.

Shift your focus from selling to marketing, and think about Facebook groups as a way to grow your network. Most people are not ready to buy from you when they meet you nor do they know they have a need for what you offer. They need to see you engaged and involved on a consistent basis, showing up as a person of value who leads with being a human rather then a marketer.

  • Lead with your personality and brand
  • Lead with value and conversation
  • Answer questions and share information
  • Invite to connect further and develop a relationship 
  • Carry on with your next steps for marketing and sales

Watch the video to learn more about how you build that know, like, and trust factor to stand out and turn Facebook Groups into a lead generating machine for your business.

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