The expert’s guide to creating compelling content.

When your content is compelling, you don't need to convince anyone that what you offer is the bombdotcom. But here is what amateur marketers are doing differently than the experts. They are preachy instead of teachy. Yes it's ok to brag a little on your accomplishments, but teaching someone how you achieved them is much more attractive. When you can become empathetic of the actual problems someone is dealing with and understand how your business is the solution to these problems, you become the go to person in your network. Suddenly all of your other business methods become more're not chasing after leads and  you're not struggling to close people, because your content took care of all of that for you. So let's give you some expert tips to start putting into the world things that will attract people who need you that you can serve. Sound good?


The first thing I want you to do is think about all the elements of your business. Think about the different products and services you offer and what kind of questions your ideal audience would be asking about these topics. Your job is to lower resistance by answering these in your content. When you can answer these questions,  you obliterate the objections, so when people reach out to you they are prequalified and they are ready to buy. Now, yes, not everyone is an immediate decision maker (which drives me absolutely crazy as someone who knows exactly what she wants) but this is where empathy and understanding come in.


Compelling Content: Be Intriguing

Now you want to be intriguing and create enough curiosity to where people want to start creeping through your photos albums and videos, maybe even hit up your blog. When you create intrigue you will have them wondering how and why you have been able to create this intentional quality of life that so many people desire. You will have them wanting to know more, and then and only then do you offer them the opportunity to take a closer look. 

Compelling Content: Crush their limiting beliefs 

When you create content, you are either raising objection or lower resistance. Lowering resistance and demonstrating resolution is the sweet spot. Just about every single person in  your audience has a limiting belief about something you do, or they don't know enough to make a decision. Often the belief they have is false, but to them it's real until it isn't. Somewhere along the line they've had an experience that has formed this way of thinking and they have a story they tell themselves whenever this topic comes up.

For example, if you're in networking marketing, chances are you have people in your audience who have had a negative experience with network marketing. Maybe they we're over promised and underdelivered. Maybe they were unhappy with their product. Maybe they were tricked into autoship or spending $1000 of dollars on product when all they wanted was a hobby business. Maybe they had upline trauma (been there, done that, got the T-shirt!). 

So you can see why someone would be resistant to what you do! Now that you know this, your job is to crush that limiting belief by demonstrating what working with you would be like. How will they be treated differently? What will their experience be like? How will they be guided through the process? The best way you can do this is by educating people into what working with you will be like. Share stories about the success your clients and team are having. Demonstrate that you are trustworthy and  show them you understand. This is how you will strengthen the relationship and simplify the closing process. Don't make it about you, make it about how you are helping people! Capeesh?

Compelling Content: Be Omnipresent

Visibility crushes perfection. Yes this piece of content right here is full of value and can help a lot of people, but if it doesn't have eye balls on it, no one is getting any value. So you need to get eyeballs on your content. What is the best way to do that? Mix it up and put your content out there in different, text, audio. Be funny, be serious, share tips, give value, share fun facts, ask questions. Be consistent. Show up every day, twice a least. Go Live on your platforms to show people who you are and let your personality shine. Show up in peoples notifications by engaging with their content. You need to stay top of mind and expose yourself and your content to your audience over and over again.

Now different people like different platforms, so if you want to reach more people, be present on different platforms. My favourites are Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. But I still have a profile on Linkedin and pin my posts to Pinterest. Why not? Who wants to put out a single fishing line when they could cast a net? Now obviously if you're new to Social Media Marketing, I do recommend you start with 1 platform until you feel comfortable with the ins and outs of how the system works, and then build from there.

Compelling Content: Audit your profile

  • If someone comes to your page or your profile, what are they going to see?
  • Take some time to audit your own brand profile, and ask yourself, do I like what I see?
  • Would I follow me?
  • Would I trust me? 
  • Would I buy from me?
  • What does my bio and my content say about me as a person?
  • And what do I want people to think of when they think of me?

Compelling Content: Marketing vs Sales

I want to close with this. It's important to understand the difference between sales and marketing. Especially if you are in the Home Business Niche. Every company has a marketing and sales division, unless ofcourse, you are a one man show. Than you need to understand both. But simply put, and important to remember is this...

Marketing is the content and the connection that changes peoples beliefs, provides proof that what you do works, and positions you as a credible person that people can trust. 

Sales is the process where your perspective client or future teammates asks themselves their own closing questions.

  • Do I trust this person? 
  • Will this work for me?
  • How will I be treated once I give this person my money?

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