Simple Niche Marketing for Network Marketers

Niche marketing will make your life so much easier...well at least your network marketing business. When you got started in traditional network marketing, you were probably sold that everyone with skin and everyone with a pulse is your target market.


You gotta find your people. Because people do business with people they can relate to. People that they know like and trust. The sooner you accept that not everyone will resonate with you your personality, your message, and your perspectives...and that not everyone is going to support you or buy from you, the sooner you can start having fun rocking your business! Like dating, no matter how awesome we might be, we're not for everyone. If you're not sure what you’re looking for you just attract a bunch of mish mash hodge podge. Especially online! And it takes a lot of work to weed through all the BS and noise.

The more clear you are, the better the experience will be, and you can streamline your process, and start having easier conversations with the right people. Your people.

Here's the replay of the live I did earlier for our business community.

Ready to take it to the next level by simplifying? Let's dive in!

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