How to use Facebook Live to grow your Network Marketing Team

We learn by doing. One of my favourite ways of teaching my team how to grow, is by literally showing them what to do...learning and earning by experience...that's how this business works to help you make right now and long term income.

Feature interviews are powerful for:

  • Social Proof and Testimonial
  • Showcasing your leadership support and community
  • Teaching your team how to do the do by taking action
  • Building value

These team interviews show your audience how simple it is and empowers them to realize they can do this too. It's also a fantastic way to help your new team launch, especially if they've never been live before. They might be a bit nervous to get on camera or know what to say. Alot of people are afraid they'll forget what to say. I've use this strategy to work with my most shy team to help them bust through the video comfort zone and help them launch their business with a bang.

And its a powerful recruiting tool for your business. This is Kim's first ever video, she totally crushed it. If you want to check out the structure of how we do this, watch the video.

And the format is really simple:

  • Ask them to share their back story
  • Why did they decided to start working with you?
  • Were there any fears or hesitations?
  • What has their experience been like?
  • Have them share their vision excitement and best tips

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