5 Smart income streams you can build online to make money from home or expand your brand

When I got started in the online space in 2012, I had been learning about passive and residual income and modelling how wealthy people had achieved success. The common theme I noticed was that on average they had 7 income streams. Back then, it felt like a luxury, but with the way things are now, multiple income streams is no longer an option, it's a necessity.

But how do you get started? Where do you begin? What do you do?

In today's video I'm sharing with you the 5 ways I've expanded my offerings within my brand, how I got started making right now money, and grew that into both a passive and a residual (repeat) income, one that makes me money where ever I am and isn't based on trading time. I also share a few other really common ways to create an income from home where you can work location independent and get started fairly quickly without a business plan, big risk, cost or overhead. Each of these has their perks, it really comes down to the lifestyle you're looking to create and if you want to work smarter and play harder.This one's pretty juicy, so let's dive right in!


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