4 reasons why you’re not bringing customers into your business

Are you struggling to get customers on a consistent basis? I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you're working so hard, but nothing is really happening in your business. Yes, it takes time to build a business, but it also means doing the right things with the time you're spending. Here are 4 reasons why your strategy might not be working for you and what you can start focusing on to start generating those results in your business.

You've not invested in yourself, but you expect customers to invest in you.

Success in anything starts in the head. You've got to get your head in the game and think like an entrepreneur. When was the last time you heard a success story about a multi millionaire who didn't invest time or money into their business? Never. Doesn't happen. If you want people to spend money with you, you need to be the first person to invest in yourself. 

Being a product of the product creates a strong transformation story and is the difference between you taking someone on your journey and you being someone who is trying to sell something. None of us want to feel like that sales guy or gal convincing someone to buy our stuff. That's why your personal testimony is so powerful. When you have an experience with a product, you can share authentically what you've loved about it and what it's done for you. People don't want to be sold something but they are always looking for recommendations.

Not showing up, or not showing up consistently for your customers 

If you're business was a store front, you would have to show up and open the doors for your customers every day. You would make sure your store was clean and that the window displays are attractive for people walking by. Well your profile and your pages are the new store front. So are you showing up daily to open the doors and create an experience for your customers? Or are you just sitting back waiting for magic to happen?

Post and pray is not a strategy my friends. You wouldn't open the doors to your shop and than not engage or speak with the people walking through your door? You also wouldn't be trying to sell them something they haven't shown any interest in. Instead, you would start a conversation, ask how they're doing, and learn about how you can help them find what they're looking for. Showing up means doing all the things...posting, engaging, having conversations, networking and connecting with humans. You need to build trust and develop relationships with your people, and that's what will get them coming back to your shop time and time again. It's all about the experience they have with you and the need you can fill. Maybe they're just browsing today, but next time they stop by or you follow up, they will be ready to buy.

Being too salesy and spammy repels customers

We all know people do not come to social media to be sold to. They come for connection, entertainment, and to find information. So anything you share about your business should be about the experience and information people can connect to. It should inspire, entertain, and educate. It should give them a reason to want to reach out and ask for more info. Facts tell, but stories sell. You do not need to post content that is convincing, you want to post stories that are compelling. 

Marketers are not product experts, and they are not sales people. They are professional story tellers and connectors. So don't feel like you need to know everything about your products and share all the details in your content. First create curiosity about the benefits and how your products make you feel. Talk about the problems they solve, than the problem itself. And be excited. When people ask for more information, don't give them a full presentation and overload them with info. Simply point them to a video or more information so they can feel in charge of their buying decisions.



You care more about what you want than what your customers need

I know you have goals and a why. I know you need to make money and build your business. But as much as your business is about you, it actually has very little to do with you. Your business is about how you can solve other peoples problems. Once you start thinking of yourself as a business owner and service provider rather than just as a consumer, your business will sky rocket. You do not want to be that person who shows up and expects that everyone should support you or buy from you. That just isn't a reality and we have to earn our customers.

But too often I see posts that are self serving and self boasting, instead of being of service. Too often I see posts with calls to action like join my team, orders going in, and help me with my goals! Posts like this come across as desperate, and you want your business to come across as a privilege to be part of. Don't give away all your credibility with posts like this. Instead focus on creating value for your people. 

So what should you be focused on every day to bring in new customers?

  • Connecting and building your network. 
  • Inviting people to take a look at information about something that could potentially help them
  • Presenting the information (think tools)
  • Following up and closing
  • Working with your team to help them achieve their goals
  • Your own training and personal development

Make sure you check out the resources below to help you with your daily method of operation.

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