How to transform your online business in 30 days

Last week I shared with you my tips for crushing your business with automation so you can enjoy summer! Last night as I was laying in bed, it occurred to me that if your system isn't set up yet or autogenerating leads on autopilot already, that you might need some help making that happen.  There are a lot of different ways to run a business online, but today I’m going to talk about running the kind of business I’ve only dreamed of..the kind of business that laptop CEO’s and Digital Nomads lives are made of. I became an entrepreneur in 2010, I became a network marketer in 2012, and with the same business transformed, I became a digital social marketer in 2016 and am now living and earning the way I had only dreamt was possible at the start of my journey. Although you can apply the principles outlined to any system, the examples I’m using pertain to a fully automated and digital system that anyone can create to have ultimate time leverage and a lifestyle of freedom.

Set Goals

Whenever you are going to try anything new, you need to know why you’re doing it and what you want to achieve. We all know goals should be SMART, but what it really comes down to is timely. Having annual and quarterly goals is great, but you need to break it down into monthly, weekly and daily so its manageable and you can stay on track. So my goals were to increase my email subscribers, my IG and FB following, increase my personal sales, recruit new business partners. I didn’t really know what was possible because I had never tracked it and until did this challenge I realized I hadn’t ever really put myself out there, so I set my goals around how many new eyes I needed to have on my products and opportunity.

Broke my Goals down into Actionable steps

Once you break down your goals, you need to have action steps. Every goal may have 3-5 action steps. For me I needed to be more consistent in my content and I needed to streamline and simplify my system to increase my followers, my leads, and my sales conversions - which meant fine tuning my social bios and my offer, rewriting the emails in my funnel, planning out my content and my promotions, designing my content for each platform, and scheduling it out for the month. Then based on my content and my offers, I needed to create my facebook ads, and make time each day to check in, engage, and follow up.

Committed to the process

Setting goals is really the easy part of the process and then you actually have to roll your sleeves up and get to work. Once you get started, you know there may be bumps in the road, so you need to merry yourself to the process 100%, no matter what. Trust in something far greater then what you know now, and have faith in your vision.

Scheduled it out

Ok, now we have our goals and our action steps, we’re committed to the process, now it’s time to schedule when you’re going to do the work in your calendar so you can stay on track. Sometimes you may only have time in your day for 1-3 items on your list, so you need to be realistic about how much time each task takes, and make time for learning or trouble shooting. You also need to schedule out your content ahead of time, because it's too easy to get distracted by social media on a daily basis. Set your intentions, and follow through. 

Tweaked it

Mid Month I do a check in to see if what I’m doing is working and where I need to tweak or increase my activity. The best way to do that is by tracking your results. So for example, by mid month, I had increased my followers on Instagram by over 200, so I knew my content was strong and my hashtags and engagement were effective, but I wasn’t gaining any new subscribers through my offer.  I decided to look at who my followers were - refine my target audience, and try to better understand their needs. What I learned was that I needed to tweak my offer and give way more value to my audience. I recreated my landing pages, my workbook, my graphics, my support emails and the articles on my blog leading them to my offer. I then promoted my offer everywhere: in my bios, facebook ads, boosted blog posts, emails, and on social media. By the way, I've really enjoyed the feedback I've been getting from my Social Media Guide, and I'm so happy to hear it's making a difference. If you're just getting started or haven't been having the success you were hoping for using social media, you can grab a copy of my 100% FREE Social Media Guide by clicking below! 


They call it a challenge for a reason because it pushes you beyond your comfort zone and tests your boundaries. I realized I had not really been working that hard for my money, and that if I wanted to reach my income potential I was going to need to earn it. And think about it, if you are earning through the process you're doing, and you want to increase your income, do more of it! If what you're doing isn't earning you money, you need a new strategy! Developing new habits is always hard at first, but once you go through the process it becomes second nature, so you have to just show up and do the work no matter what. There were days I was tired, I had more work then I was sure I could manage, my kids wanted my attention, my life wanted my attention...but I made the time to first commit to my own success.

The Results

I want to share with you the difference 30 days can make, to show you how the right investment of time can pay off for you too. Before I went through this process I would get a few subscribers here and there, and a small steady trickle of followers, but nothing significant enough to push me into momentum. At 29 days into the challenge, I wasn't seeing a significant increase in conversions from my content, but I had increased my organic followers on Instagram by more then 300. My ads we’re rating 8 out of 10 in relevancy, my likes increased by 30 on Facebook, and I was getting .02 cents per lead by letting Facebook place my ad for me. In my home business, my monthly sales volume had increased by $4500, which was great, but these sales weren't coming from my system. By day 30 that all changed, and while I was sleeping my business system was running for me. I woke up to dozens of new leads in my inbox, multiple messages on social media from people wanting to work with me, and new client sales in my home business on the first of the month. It’s a good thing I didn’t give up on day 29! 

Shout out and Gratitude!

I could not have done any of this without learning a special skillset and without the mentorship and support of my friends at Marketing Solved. I have had paid memberships to multiple organizations with paid trainings, and accomplishing this system always felt extremely overwhelming and unattainable until I found someone who could really simplify the process for me and offer the kind of peer support I needed.

  • Having my content created and planned out in advance
  • Knowing exactly what I needed to do each day on my social platforms
  • Knowing when to post and when to email
  • Knowing exactly how to set up lead generation, monetized blogs, facebook ads
  • Having access to trainings on basically every topic that relates to my online system...the list goes on!

It was like having a personal coach for my business, and if you feel like you have what it takes to build online but there are pieces missing for you or that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to make it all happen, then I recommend checking out Monthly Marketing Solved. It is a game changer and if you work the system it will set you on track in 30 days or less.

To living the life you deserve ​xo Johanna

Did you find Value in today’s tips? I sure hope so, because I know what its like to build and grow a business and I want everyone to have the freedom and flexibility that is possible when you do things in a way that align with who you are, and also with the business practices that work.

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