The Unfiltered Life Podcast

Welcome to the Unfiltered Life podcast featuring top notch entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders creating a fierce paradigm shift and living a balanced life of health, wealth, and freedom…lighting the way for courageous change makers and action takers.

I love seeing others rise in their true authenticity, adopting a fresh approach to their way of being, busting through social norms, and manifesting the life they choose to live through creative entrepreneurship. My lust for life, freedom and truth, and seeing others thrive is what has influenced the manifestation of The Unfiltered Life Project.

I’m Johanna Hunt, your host, entrepreneur and thought leader in the Influencer Marketing & Social Media Branding space. Since 2012, I have coached 1000s of entrepreneurs on building, growing, monetizing, and scaling their business through personal branding and thought leadership with simple and leveraged social media strategies.

In this show I share my most valuable lessons and advice, life and business hacks, and practical tips for helping Freedom Motivated Entrepreneurs design a lifestyle driven business, with weekly episodes to look forward to every Wednesday.

I have also personally sought out a diverse community of featured guest entrepreneurs and experts to join me in helping enrich your mind and your soul, and up level your experience to infinite levels of success.

Apply to be a guest on the unfiltered life 

Are you a thriving create entrepreneur living life unfiltered and busting through social norms? If you love to bring value to the world around you, and you get fired up on deep level conversations, I would love to have you on the show to share your story and purpose with my audience. 

a few of my Guest Features on Podcasts

There's no doubt if you've watched my videos and listened into these episodes that I have developed the gift of gab, and I love a high level conversation and bringing as much value as possible to a show. I've been featured on many fantastic podcasts by other high level Entrepreneurs as well as being a featured guest speaker and trainer in online summits and on event stages such as: