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Johanna will be using Streamyard to record the interview. A link will be provided when you schedule the call. The interview will be 20-30 min, but create space for 45 minutes just in case there are tech issues and chit chat. This will be a video interview, so please be camera ready and in your office, not driving! Also be sure to use a good quality mic. Please note that if you're more than 5 minutes late for the interview, we will have to reschedule to another day/ time. (This could be months out.) If something changes and you can't make our scheduled meeting, please send me an email at livinit@johannahunt.ca as soon as possible to let me know. The interview is an "unscripted" interview. There aren't any "pre-set" questions. Doing this interview will be like having a casual conversation with a friend. Please Note: Not always, but it could take up to 2-3 months from the time we record the interview for it to be released. (We already have quite a few other episodes that will be airing before yours.) The info you enter below will to used in the interview notes so that listeners can have a way to connect back to you

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